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So I’ve heard a bit about this program from reading other blogs and also through work. It sounds interesting so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Google AdSense is basically a (possible) way for me to make income by allowing Google to place relevant ads on my blog. When people either click on them or even just view them (in some cases) I make a little bit of cash.

I like the sound of this obviously because it’s a chance to make some much-needed money, but also because we use CPC and CPM programs like these in ad campaigns for our clients. I want to see just how effective it is, and I’m curious to find out how much bloggers can potentially make from farming themselves out like this.

I think measuring by CPC is probably the best way for advertisers, because I’m not sure how they would measure the impressions. Maybe there’s a special code or tag embedded in the ads that allow Google to track IP addresses or something. Hmmm.

Man, it’s moments like these when I laugh at my self for being such an ad freak. This guy I once knew called me the Ad Queen sometimes. I’ll have to fill you in on him some other time. The thing is, I’m not so in love with advertising and yet I find myself thinking about it and analyzing campaigns I see on a regular basis. Not good. This clearly means I need a personal life.

Some people write their blogs to document their journeys out of debt, or to becoming a millionaire, but maybe I should write mine with a heavy bent on my journey to becoming social and having relationships. Of any kind. It’s easy to start a pity-party by saying this, but I really don’t have many quality relationships with people, or many relationships at all if I’m being frank. Which I am. So that’s an area I should be working on.

I also need to work on structuring my posts a little bit better! Ahh well, that’s what all this practice is for!

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  1. I’m curious to hear how you like GoogleAds. I looked into doing that thinking “What could it hurt?” but after doing a bit of research, it seemed like it was only successful if your blog has a theme (ie beauty or finance or sport, etc) and mine’s just a mish-mash. It also seemed like you had to get a LOT of clicks to really make anything signifcant. Who knows! Hope it works out well for you! 😀

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