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I like to read my horoscope. I’m not one of those very superstitious ladies that believe everything they read and live my life by it. Nope, I take it all with a grain of salt. I believe that there are good lessons and reminders, and the occasional insight that can be gleaned from the messages from the stars, but I don’t think they will really predict your fate or have a massive amount of sway over your life.

Some days my horoscopes are waaaay off, but on others, they can be bang on.

The following insight was my daily horoscope (can’t remember which day exactly) from last week. It was from one of my favourite sites: Astro.com. I like their horoscopes because they often delve into deeper issues and have more insight and constructive advice compared to your run-of-the-mill iVillage-type dailies.

Fair weather
There are wounds that do not heal with time. Instead they start hurting again given certain “weather conditions”. If this occurs, subconsciously we will withdraw into ourselves in interpersonal situations, or be oversensitive and react in a hurt manner without apparent reason – or we ourselves become particularly hurtful, without actually wanting to. However, if the weather is fair, as it is now, you have the opportunity to bring these painful things to light – preferably during a personal conversation with someone who is close to you. Looking into painful experiences in this way can make you freer in your behavior, your close relationships and your relation with your body. It can also prevent you from hurting others.

This is very accurate, and really strikes home on some of my personal issues. Who knew the stars had that much to offer? This reading really makes me think, so I wanted to keep it. Even though it was meant to be a daily reading, I think it will serve it’s purpose for much longer than that.

I’ve got a lot of emotional pain and trust issues cluttering my life, and this helps me get a little more perspective on things, and dare I say it: hope that I will one day sort through all of them. This reading describes exactly what happens to me in personal situations. I withdraw, get hurt, and sometimes lash out in a pre-emptive strike, occasionally with dire consequences. I need to learn to open up, share myself with others and not be so aloof, surrounding myself with walls all the time. I really feel like an impregnable medieval fortress sometimes. No one has actually breached my walls yet.

Hmm, that’s actually a good analogy. I really am like an impregnable fortress under seige from the general world. The only problem is that my inner wells are drying up and my people are starving and suffering from cabin fever. Not exactly the best situation for anyone, really. Let’s just hope the enemy doesn’t decide to throw over dead and plague-ridden bodies. Then I’d have an even bigger problem.

Ok, clearly my mind is wandering from the topic at hand; off to some far-away place in history. But I’m still going to post this and keep the horoscope. I think it’s something I needed to read.

Some of my favourite horoscope websites:

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