70% Self-Obsessed

I stole this off of Fabulously Broke because it’s a funny little quiz!

You’re supposed to fill it in to see how self obsessed you are… but when I read it I didn’t think it was that bad! Doesn’t most of this stuff just equate to good personal hygiene and care of one’s appearance?

Hmm. Maybe all of my answers seem normal to me because I work in advertising… a beauty and youth-based industry to rival the fashion and art world!

How to: Mark X’s by the items that you use/do and then multiply by 2 to get your percentage.

Do You Use?
[x] straightener
[ ] curling iron
[x] mousse
[ ] hairspray
[ ] gel
[x] other sprays
[x] bobby pins
[x] round barrel brush
[x] blowdryer
[x] mirror
[ ] you have dyed you hair
[ ] you have/had highlights

[ ] black eyeliner
[x] other color eyeliner
[x] eye shadow
[x] mascara
[ ] fake eyelashes
[x] eyelash curler
[ ] eye shimmer
[ ] colored contacts
[ ] huge sun glasses
[x] eye makeup remover

[x] clear lip gloss
[x] red or pink gloss
[x] lip stick
[x] chapstick
[ ] lip plumper
[x] mechanical toothbrush
[ ] teeth whitener
[x] lip liner
[ ] whitening gum
[x] had/has braces
[ ] more than 15 lipglosses

Complexion/Overall Face
[ ] blush
[x] moisturizer
[x] face wash
[x] bronzer
[x] makeup remover
[x] face wipes
[x] powder
[x] cover up

[x] nail polish
[x] filer
[x] nail clipper
[x] nail buffer
[x] cuticle remover
[ ] nail hardener
[x] nail brush
[ ] fake nails
[x] nail scissors

My points/Total Points: 35 / 50 x 100 = 70% obsessed

I swear, I’m not self obsessed, I just CARE! 😉

One thought on “70% Self-Obsessed”

  1. hee hee hee.. :) Thanks for self tagging (see.. it totally works)

    I used to be way more into taking care of myself.. but I kinda let it slip esp on the nailpolish side

    And my lips are too thin to handle anything but clear or lip balm, so I stick to the moisturizing lip balms lol

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