Best Health Event

So! I am writing this and I must say I look absolutely gorgeous, dahhhling!

Why the big head, you ask?

Well my friends, I just got back from the Best Health Magazine launch at Muzik Club. Let me tell you, that place is pretty damn swanky! Apparently all the stars hang out there when they’re in TO.

This was an ad event, Reader’s Digest is launching their new mag Best Health, so of course they had to throw a big partay. We got these pyramid-shaped invites with a tube of scrumptious Cake Milk-Made Velveteen Hand Creme, a sign of good things to come!

So the club is huge and gorgeous. I could even imagine a really cool wedding happening there. I’d say it’s at least as cool as This Is London in my book. Among the fabulous seating areas and multiple premium bars (open bar, BTW!) they had little sections set up to represent each of the content sections in the mag. They had some TV chef dude making our hors d’oeuvres (Chef Finklestein I think???) in one section, a yoga platform and instructors in the other (if you missed today’s workout, of course!) a juice bar in another and this cool custom t-shirt booth in another. I got a pink shirt with “I snort when I laugh” written on it (you could choose from some pre-set phrases, I should have gone with “Hot sex burns more calories”!)

In the back there is also a permanent Stila lounge. Apparently every Saturday when the club is open you can pop in for a hair and makeup touch-up. Ladies only. Today they had a full crew for the event, so I got my hair done in these incredible curls, and then had my makeup totally redone. Oh. Mah. Gawd. I looked incredible!

Oh, if only I didn’t have this wish for privacy on the internet! I’d post some photos for sure!

Even though my name is Ginger, I’ve got very light natural blonde hair. It’s also luxuriously long (tee hee!) so when the dude curled it like that I got compliments out the wazoo. The makeup was stellar, too. I was wearing an ultramarine blue shirt, so the artist complimented it with pinks on my face. I was the picture of prettiness! I usually think I’m pretty average-to-ugly looking, so it was nice to actually feel beautiful for the night. Everyone I talked to complimented me on my look and I wasn’t even fishing for compliments! …That’s when you know you look good!

Anyway, the business guys made a couple of speeches and got Jessica Holmes from Royal Canadian Air Farce up to crack some jokes and talk about the magazine. Afterwards I went over and got a photo with her and chatted for a bit. She’s a nice lady, and pregnant now, too!

When I left I got some goody bags, and since so many people were interested in my last post about swag, I thought I’d list what I got this time:

– REALLY nice tote bag branded with Best Health
– Evian water
– Nature Valley bar
– copy of the mag
– scrubby spa mitt (nice!)
– sample of Nina Ricci’s new perfume L’Air du Temps (it’s ok but not really my style)
– Stila lip pencil
– Stila “Petal Infusions calming eye cream”
– Promo card thing: bring it into Sephora and get a free Stila sample

All in all it wasn’t a bad haul. Not the best I’ve gotten, but not bad overall.

They didn’t spring for cab chits this time, but I had one from work so I was fine.

So there you have it: an ad event in a nutshell! Maybe in the future I’ll post about some of the other events I’ve been to… would any of you be interested in something like that?

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