Bloody + Hell

aha! It isn’t what you think! I’ll bet you thought I was speaking negatively about something… you’d be wrong!

I just got back from Evil Dead: The Musical and I’m covered in ooey gooey sticky blood and it’s fantastic!

I am not a big fan of musicals most of the time, but this really knocked my socks off! I would absolutely go and see it again, right now!

K and I got premuim Splatter Zone tickets and they were worth every penny ($67 for those of you interested in my spending!). We were smack dab in the centre of the stage, and literally LESS than a foot away! The actors actually came up and interacted with us since we were so close… too cool!

It was hilarious, one of the female demons/zombies came up and stuck her foot on my table and shook her boobs in my face, then smacked her ass in the zombie dance. ahahaha I felt like I was in a strip club, but it was way cool!

And of course during the second act they started hacking away and sprayed blood everywhere! I was totally covered. We had the option of using these plastic poncho things, but really; who buys Splatter Zone tickets and doesn’t want to get covered in blood?


All in all it was a fabulous production and I hope they bring it back again! It was campy and low-budget and laugh-out-loud funny, even for a cynic like me! I was very pleased. Although I do recommend you familiarize yourself with the first two Evil Dead movies before you go, as it is a blend of the two.

I really did get covered in blood. My hair is still streaked with it, and many of the women in the washroom commented that I actually looked like I could have been one of the actors since I managed to have blood seeping through my hair onto my ear and neck, all over my arms and artistically splattered across my face. I wish I had a photo! The blood is only coloured corn syrup, but it really shows up on my pale skin and hair!

…did I mention they even added a metallic scent to it so it smelled like real blood? It wasn’t though. I got some in my mouth and it was sweet.

I totally got some stares on the subway tonight. w00t!

5 thoughts on “Bloody + Hell”

  1. Astarte: It’s just my eye! What’s so creepy about that? 😉

    FB: Only the first 2 rows get splattered, the rest are fine, you could totally go! They’ve actually just extended the run into June so I think I’m going to go again…


  2. Rina, I have one word for you:


    It’s totally worth it, and you could do the touristy thing in TO, too!

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