Going Green: Part 3 – We Conserve and My Footprint

I was walking down the street yesterday and found my eyes resting on a delightfully green and blue poster advertising something really cool!

If you live in Toronto or the surrounding area, a movement called We Conserve is hosting a few free community workshops on how you can become more green through personal conservation and by patronizing companies that do their share, too. What a great idea! Unfortunately I didn’t find this poster until after a few workshops had already happened, but there are a few next week, too, so I may stop by!

Their website is pretty good, too. There are resources, tips, event listings and even an ecological footprint calculator to use. I would definitely recommend visiting this site if you are (or want to be more) eco-conscious.

If we don’t do something for our planet now, what will our children have? We need to start working towards a greener world today.

Let me know if you visit any of the workshops, or tell me what your opinion is on this movement?

FYI I tried using the Carbon footprint calculator – apparently I create 14.8 tonnes of CO2 every year. I used some of the average settings in places where I didn’t know how much I used (such as driving, electricity, heat, etc. since I don’t pay for any of those things).

What’s your footprint?

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