Product Review: SkullCandy Ink’d: Smokin’ Buds

I just picked myself up a pair of these babies today at The Source for $24.99 + tax and I am impressed!

I’ve seen lots of people around Toronto with various SkullCandy products, and they always struck me as a pretty cool brand. I mean, with a name like SkullCandy they have to be pretty cool, right? They’ve got skulls on them! This appeals to the macabre side of my personality.

Turns out their products are really good too, and deserving of the awesome name!
I got the blue pair pictured here, and was happy to find 3 sets of the silicone inner ear part included “in case you have different ears” (said salesguy James) which is great since I needed to switch out the medium sized ones for the smaller buds.
Performance-wise they’re pretty bitchin’. They fit my ears comfortably, block out the majority of external noise and deliver very clear and crisp music straight to my brain!
I did a little test with my shitty old Sony $8 ear buds– listening to Waters of Nazareth by Justice with them first, then swapping in the new SkullCandy. I was blown away! I’ve got my iPod settings to amp the bass, and this was the first time I was actually able to experience it properly! w00t!
I’m totally digging the sound I have now. My eyes and ears have been opened to the wonder that is SkullCandy.
Thank you, SkullCandy, for bringing the music back to me!

One thought on “Product Review: SkullCandy Ink’d: Smokin’ Buds”

  1. Please do a follow-up in a few months after regular use … I hear they sounds decent but tend to fall apart.

    I’ve been using the JVC marshmallow earbuds for two and a half years now, and love love love them aside from the impractical unavailability of replacement marshmallows for ’em. So now I’m on my second set after crustifying both sets of ear-mallows over the span of two years of regular use.

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