Questions for my readers

To all my readers out there:

Have you ever been ostracized, been outcast and alone? Do you know why you were subjected to this? Would you share your experience with me?

What did you do about it? How did you deal? Did you ever take action, or did you let it fester? Did you get over it? Did you heal?

I’m hurting pretty bad right now and am hoping to find solace in the fact that others out there have had this happen to them too. Will you tell me your story?

4 thoughts on “Questions for my readers”

  1. I was a major geek in elementary school. I had glasses, didn’t understand the ‘cool’ crowd and I read – a lot.

    Deal? I hung out in the library. A lot. I read – a lot. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I was challenged to read the dictionary in Grade 7 (which I did), I was being made fun of.

    Now I look back and am sort of proud of my geekiness. My vocabulary is fanfreakingtastic, too. So HAH to those ‘cool’ crowds who are all now farmers. And still can’t spell. Not that I have any problem at all with farmers.

    Another experience is at a job about 2 years ago. I was the 2nd receptionist and the 1st receptionist was an utter bitch. She called me names, ignored me, made a variety of interesting noises when I said or did something that she didn’t ‘approve’ of.

    One day I finally told her flat out that she didn’t have to treat me in that manner and I just started treating her with total indifference.

    I found out later that she treated all the 2nd receptionists that way and the company had been through 7 – SEVEN 2nd receptionists before I came along.

    I quit. LOL

    I hope that your hurt passes soon and that you take comfort in knowing that you have many avid readers of your wonderful blog, who all think you are a most wonderful, talented, intelligent individual.


  2. I’m sorry to hear that. When I was younger I moved schools but I had to go to summer school to make up some courses before I could get into the new school. I was in a new city, didn’t know anyone, and the kids in summer school weren’t exactly friendly.

    Nothing much for me to do there. What I did was to keep myself occupied in other ways. I found a part time job, took swimming lessons, and read War and Peace that year. I guess how I coped was to inject variety in other areas of my life. Then it didn’t feel like such an overwhelming part of my life.

    I hope it gets better for you :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories with me, friends. It seems like being ostracized is a common issue, and sadly it doesn’t look like there’s acceptance at the ends of anyone’s stories!

    My dark cloud hasn’t lifted yet, but I’m feeling a touch better. I just wish humans weren’t programed to be so cruel to one another. :(

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