Foot Injury Update

Ok, so you know how that doctor told me my foot was broken and sent me for x-rays?

Turns out my foot isn’t broken.

I went to get x-rays the day after he told me to. Two weeks go by and I’ve heard nothing. Meanwhile I’m paranoid about my foot and start imagining that it hurts more than it really does. I call the clinic I visited and it turns out they never even received my x-rays. Unbelievable. Anyway, they request them again and tell me to come in and get checked out again just in case.

I did that today, and thank goodness I did not break my foot, and I finally have an answer as to what I did.

According to this new doctor (who actually took the time to explain things to me) I have a bruised bone and nerve in my foot. When the table hit it, it bruised the bone and caused it to leak blood all over the inside of my foot, which is why I had such a wicked bruise. The damaged nerve explains why it is still tender to the touch, even after the bruise has healed.

I’ve been told to avoid whacking my foot with anything again, and also given some sort of anti-inflammatory cream to rub on the area a couple of times a day. I’m told this will help it heal faster, which is a good thing since I’ve been living with this sucker for 5 weeks now.

3 thoughts on “Foot Injury Update”

  1. At least now you know! I’m thinking about going to the doc tomorrow (I have 3 little ones today and the car with only 1 car seat, so can’t go today) because I think I broke my big toe on Friday and I came back from our rural home with what appears to be a really bad spider bite and my whole upper arm is swollen.

    My toe is all bruised and it doesn’t bend when I try to clench my toes, but it’s not hurting like it was all weekend at least. At least it’s only one this time. When I was a kid I knocked a desk over on my feet and broke 8 all at once!

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