JUSTICE † Disappointment

I got tickets to see JUSTICE tonight at CiRCA. Justice is awesome, my friend saw them in Tokyo and he said they’re incredible live. I’m so pumped to go.

I just got emailed the setlist, and I’m totally floored. They’re not on until 12AM tonight! I can’t believe it! Stupid DJ fancy-pants clubs!

Seriously, who schedules a concert on a Wednesday night at 12am, when most of the world has to work the next morning? I am so bummed.

I can’t not go now, so my only option is to go, try and enjoy myself and leave shortly after they come on stage. Tomorrow is already a looooong day for me and I don’t want to be running on 3 hours of sleep to get through it.

Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me I’ve got too much planned this week :( But why aren’t I allowed to have any fun? :(

2 thoughts on “JUSTICE † Disappointment”

  1. Yeah, I did end up napping a bit before I went.

    We had a relatively good time, danced a little, got crushed on the main floor a little…

    Then we were held hostage in the club. They wouldn’t let us get our coats from the coat check!

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