Fascinating Fascinators!

Now that I have some new hair to flaunt, I am totally in love with the concept of hair fascinators.
What are they, you ask? Well let me inform you!

Hair fascinators are lovely little (or big!) hair decorations, usually made of silk flowers, ribbons, feathers or all of the above! They’re not quite mainstream yet, and are more common as a bridal accessory at this point, but the creative folks over at Etsy are catching on quick and producing some lovely pieces!

To celebrate the hairdo (and because my birthday is coming up in a few months) I bought a couple of fascinators from a vendor on Etsy:

I really can’t wait to wear them!

I stuck with the more simple designs because they were cheaper, less fussy and will go with more of my wardrobe. If I had a reason to wear something more exotic though, I would be all over it!

Others that I love:

All of these can be found on Etsy, just search under hair fascinator, hair clip, etc.

The pieces I purchased were between $12-$15, but some of the more extravagant ones can be over $100. I plan to wear mine with my hair down, and also to spice up my boring ponytail.

I’ve also found them in a couple of the trendy fashion supply odds n’ ends stores on Queen Street in the Fashion District in Toronto, but they’re all around $40 which is a little out of my reach! Beautiful pieces, though!

One thought on “Fascinating Fascinators!”

  1. I REALLY liked the ones that Kenley wore on Project Runway. She totally rocked the style and I feel that I could too.. then I chicken out

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