Bathroom/Kitchen Reno: Part 3

After much anticipation…

A few days into the major demolition of the space, this is what I had to contend with:

Peeing behind a curtain. Oh yes. My roomie and I had to develop a sophisitcated system to alert each other that we were using the facilities.

Roomie: Ging, you in there?
Ginger: OMG YES!!! Give me a few minutes!!!

I don’t think either of us pooped in there… it was just far too open. I waited til I got to the office. *blush*

The next day or so it got a little better, they put up the bones of the walls and finally removed the bathtub. Luckily we still had running water, but no sink or drain… we had to collect the wastewater from the tap in a rubbermaid bucket and pour it down the toilet.

By this point there’s about a centimeter of dust over everything. I came home while they were still working one day and could hardly breathe it was so dusty. They tried to clean up after themselves, but there’s really only so much they could do.

Little did we know, it would only get worse…

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