Bathroom/Kitchen Reno: Part 4

Finally some walls!

The drywall went up and a pocket door went in! I’m excited. A pocket door means that there won’t be a regular swing door taking up space in the rooms.

The worker dude (OMG he’s so cute! I love a handy man! He can’t be more than 30…. I wonder if I should ask him out???) shifted the water taps over to where the fridge used to be for the night, but at least we’ve got water! It’s still as dusty as ever, but it finally looks as if progress is being made.

It was nice to finally have a door for a little bit of privacy. Unfortunately over the next few days (I went home to visit the parents on the weekend) the water was completely shut off, meaning that we had no more taps or water source, and we couldn’t flush the toilet. Delightful!

I already had to shower in the basement once which was not fun on an icey, cold morn, but now we were expected to go down there to use the toilet, too. Not cool. Roomie and I just went #1 in the toilet and flushed with a bucket of water.

After that, it just got increasingly worse. I decided not to go home on the Friday night, and just went straight to my parents’. I came back into the city on Monday for work, but again I just left straightaway for my parents again since the conditions in the apartment were really becoming unlivable. Luckily the Cuba trip was due and I was able to escape for a week while they worked on it.

I don’t have any photos between these ones and when I came back from Cuba, sorry! But there will be more updates to come!

I wonder, how many of you out there have gone through something similar? Have you ever been living in an apartment when the landlord has decided to do this?

One thought on “Bathroom/Kitchen Reno: Part 4”

  1. Hahahah I didn’t even finish reading the whole post but had to comment and say ASK HIM OUT!!! 😉

    When my parents moved, I was after my sister to ask out one of the super SUPER cute/sexy/strong/buff/WOW movers…she wouldn’t, even though he was TOTALLY giving her the eye.

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