Bye bye, Christmas!

I finally got most of my Christmas stuff put away… with the renovations still not complete it’s hard to get organized, but I’m slowly getting there.

Tonight I skipped my kung fu (which I feel really guilty about since I haven’t been in months now) but ended up sweeping our upstairs landing, the entire staircase inside the apartment and the foyer. Then I washed it all. On my hands and knees. Using elbow grease and a sponge.

The water was BLACK by the time I was done. The worst part is, it is so dirty I think I’ll have to wash all the floors again since this only took off one of the multiple layers of crud caked on my floors. They used to be beautiful gleaming hardwood floors, now they’re just a faded version of themselves. It’s quite sad.

The bright side of this is that I didn’t freeze to death. It’s -30 C (-22 F for you Americans out there) and even my super-warm apartment has cooled significantly. I can normally walk around in my undies and be comfortable, but today I had to get fully dressed in warm things and slippers. The horror!

I can’t really remember where I was going with this post. I stayed up late last night watching episodes of Big Love on my laptop and now I regret it. Oops.

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One thought on “Bye bye, Christmas!”

  1. i have yet to put away my xmas stuff 😉 the tree, lights, toys, it’s all up in the living room just chillin’….i’ll probably give in next week though.

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