Bathroom/Kitchen Reno: Part 5, the Finale!

Ahh, the long-awaited conclusion to my bathroom/kitchen renovation saga!

What began in early December is now 90% complete by mid-February. There are still a few things to be finished (hooking up the radiator, routing the fan to the outside, etc.) but for all intents and purposes, our renovation is finished.

Want a refresher on the hell I had to live through? There’s photos! You can click here for all my posts on the renovations.

Our bathroom and kitchen were very old, non-functional and oddly laid out. We found a newspaper in the wall dated to the sixties, so I presume that the bathroom & kitchen were at least 40 years old, with most original fixtures, nonetheless.

Here is what it looked like BEFORE:

And here it is DURING:

And finally, AFTER:

I think the photos really speak for themselves. It is a HUGE improvement over what we had before. It was dingy, dark, dirty and decrepit, and now it’s all bright and stainless steel.

It’s not exactly the colours or finishes, or storage etc. that I would have chosen for myself, but considering my landlord probably sunk about $15,000 into this, I am not complaining.
Do you like the flowers? We had originally bought the decals for our foyer downstairs (which is currently hot pink). We were going to paint and apply them down there… but it was too much work so they just sat around under my roommate’s bed until now!
We don’t like the stark white but are too cheap and lazy to repaint everything, so we recycled the flowers to give the space a punch! We’re considering getting a couple other elements to liven it up a bit more.
I’m really glad it’s done. It’s taken som adjusting to the new space and different storage options and there are still little bits and bobs to finish, but overall I’m happy with it. Did you see that counterspace, it’s awesome!
I can’t wait to have a party here to show it off! 😀

6 thoughts on “Bathroom/Kitchen Reno: Part 5, the Finale!”

  1. Oh I love it!!! The white’s great, compared to the pink you had before!!

    I love those decal flowers… very very nice!

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