OMG I am SO MAD at my roommate.

She gave me a cheque to cover internet and the stupid thing bounced and I was charged for it!

She’s bounced cheques twice before with our landlady and this really bothers me, I’m worried that she won’t be able to afford rent or anything else pretty soon. SO PISSED.

Not to mention that she’s been eating all my food and not replacing it!


And I suck at confrontation. When you have to live with someone it’s hard to confront them about these things and keep a harmonious environment. I really just need to live on my own because this really gets under my skin.

She’s a nice girl, older than me, but NOT RESPONSIBLE!!!


I sent her a text saying it bounced and that I need the money plus the admin fee back. Let’s hope that she doesn’t have a problem with this and can just give it to me. But still, I don’t want her to be nonchalant about it either, for chrissakes. This sort of thing should not be happening!

I hate being tied to people who are not financially responsible and having to rely on them like this. If she doesn’t pay things like rent, it affects me! It’s all rainbows and sunshine with just me, but having to share with others sucks!

Why me?!

7 thoughts on “grrrr”

  1. Oh man that is tough. I’m with you though – I hate confrontation as well.

    I think you need to try and talk to her about these issues though…otherwise they are going to build up and get really bitter.

    Try and talk to her in a really friendly manner, like “Oh hey that check you wrote me bounced so I’ll need a new one with the fees added onto it, ok?”.

    Good luck!!!

  2. I hear that. I have no problem with confrontation because everyone agreed to be responsible when they moved in with someone else. It just sucks having to be a babysitter.

  3. I don’t like confrontation either, but like FB said, you shouldn’t have to be babysitter. I’d start hunting for another roommate! Nice doesn’t pay the bills!

  4. That is such a crap situation. I hate confrontation too- it’s even more awkward if you have to live with the person too. But if this trend continues or gets worse, you’re only hurting yourself by not speaking up about it.

  5. That’s really annoying, especially if it’s happened more than once! Hopefully she can give you the money with the extra fees you had to pay for her bounced cheque without any problems.

  6. What a crappy situation. I suck at confrontation too, but that is something I’d have no problem bringing up! I hope she pays you back and soon. I had tons of roomates in college, including one who would skip out on bills. Err. I’m glad I don’t have one anymore, though some were great fun to live with.

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