Eww. I just totally tried to eat one of my old Jenny Craig pizzas, and I just couldn’t do it.

I kinda wanna vomit now.

I wish I had some junk food.


On a more positive note, I finally got ahold of internet boy, J. I now possess both his cell number and a time to meet him tomorrow.

I asked him to call or txt me if he was running late and he said:

“of course… what kind of ass would I be to not let you know ? 😉 “

I’d say that’s a good thing, right?

3 thoughts on “Hankerings”

  1. i hope your date goes well! i liked his reply too, it was nice and cheeky. So definitely a good thing!

    And no problemo for the traffic, I had no idea I was sending so many people over. Whatever I’m doing I’ll do my best to keep it up ; )

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