Mmmmm Chocolate Review & Give-Away!

I think it’s clear to everyone by now that I love trying new things, and doing product reviews, too. As a consumer I think it’s very important to research things before you buy, and to see what other people are saying about it. Word of mouth is an invaluable way for me to get information, I definitely trust what my friends, family and fellow bloggers say over what the TV tells me about something.

Some of the best things I’ve ever purchased or tried have been because someone recommended the product to me, or because I found a great review on it. So I want to bring this feeling to you, my wonderful readers!

I need to start this by saying that I was provided free product by the featured company so I could review it. Other than that, I have not been compensated (sadly).

Anyway, who is up for a little bit of chocolate?

Nestle has developed a nifty new chocolate treat for us fanatics to revel in, called Nestle Noir Mousse Delicate. Wow. Even the name sounds delicious.

I was provided two flavours of the dru… I mean product to try out; Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Both versions have a dark chocolate mousse inside.

The packaging was nice, though a little bit excessive I thought. I suppose it must be neccessary to protect the delicate little shells of chocolate inside–because that’s what I found. Each package contains 10 individual “pillows” of soft dark chocolate mousse inside a hard shell of chocolate. According to the press release they’re each worth about 55 calories, which ain’t bad! Depending on what diet you follow you could safely have 2-3 as a small snack.

But who cares about diets. Give me chocolate!

The little chocolate treats were pretty good in terms of taste and texture. I was a little bit wary of the combination of mousse and hard chocolate, but Nestle has combined them well. The shell gave a satisfying crunch and the mousse was nice and smooth, not at all like the Aero bar-feeling I thought it would be.

The pillows melt at a good rate in your mouth; and while they look bite-sized they’re just a tad too large to fit whole in your mouth! I recommend you take a few smaller bites and slowly savour the feeling and flavour for what it is.

I actually took these along with me on my trip to Las Vegas. I figured my friend and I would need a nice pick-me-up on all of our various plane rides. Boy, was I right!

We had the fortune of bringing some salted nuts with us… I love sweet and salty things so I took a bite of the Mousse Delicate and then popped a cashew in my mouth–Heaven! I really suggest trying out some salted nuts or any other type of sensation with these bad boys, it makes a good thing even better!

Overall I thought these were decent chocolates if you’re looking for something from the drugstore or supermarket that’s more luxurious than a plain old Mars bar. They can’t really be compared to the high-end stuff like Rheo Thompson or Godiva, but they are definitely a nice, affordable (suggested retail price: $3.99) way to indulge from time to time!

I think I might buy them again in the future… I gotta say I really liked the dark chocolate mousse in the milk chocolate shell, it was just so creamy. The only negative I can think of is that they just disappear too quickly! Bah humbug!
Oh man, I totally want to eat some chocolate right now. Not cool.

…What about you? Would you like to try Nestle Noir Mousse Delicate chocolates and tell me about your experience? What if I told you I would send you some for free? Does that “sweeten the pot”? hehe

Stay tuned for more give-away info!

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