Yay for Google!

You’ve got to admit, Google is a pretty cool company. So cool in fact that I’m pretty sure the word google has now become a verb (I googled…I will google, I have googled, iGoogle [LOL!]).

Anyway, today I got a coveted peek inside their Canadian headquarters at Dundas Square in Toronto and it was pretty cool! I got invited to a Google Campus event where they introduce us to their various products such as Google Earth/Maps, YouTube, Analytics, Ad Planner, etc.

I liked fooling around with their new Android smartphones–they will definitely rival the iPhone! I think Rogers is launching them next week, so if you’re interested you can go and check them out! They had all kinds of cool apps you can use and download, as well as the GPS technology we all know and love. The phone itself was cool too, it was touchscreen but also had a full keyboard underneath so you could easily text. That’s great for me since I suck at touchscreens.

I didn’t get to fully explore the Google office (especially since they made me sign a non-disclosure form! eek!) but their main areas are pretty nifty with games, RockBand and PS3, bouncy balls and all kinds of stuff hanging around. The ladies room was really nice too, with some really nice touches like free lotion, mouthwash, etc.

The kitchen was the coolest though. Yes, our event was catered but it looks like they still have an awesome selection of stuff there. They had one of those convenience-store beverage fridges in there stocked with all kinds of drinks (even Red Bull) for their staff to quaff for free, and also a big rack filled with candy, munchies and cereal for the peckish. We were each given a Google cup and encouraged to fill it up with jellybeans, M&Ms, Kit Kats, Ritz packs, bags of chips, granola bars, Swedish Berries, etc. Fantastic! I have SO much at my desk now its crazy.

On our way out we were presented with a nice gift–this time around we get a solar cellphone charger. It comes with multiple tips to fit most phones. Unfortunately it won’t fit mine, but I think I can buy one online anyway.

Wow! I just looked the charger up and it’s worth about $100! Sweet deal! I don’t mind that there’s some Google branding on it! 😀

Google knows how to do it right, and I think that’s why they’re doing well and growing so much. I got a preview of some of their neat apps and innovations that will be coming to Canada soon. It was cool to be there as not only an advertiser, but also a consumer and blogger! I learned about some stuff that I might be able to adjust and use for my blog :)

Hmm. I sound like I’m advertising for them but I’m really not. Other than the swag I got from them I’m not being compensated. I just sort of like their products. Hell, I love all the Gmail apps they’ve come up with from Google Labs!

What’s your favourite Google app/program/site? Anything I don’t know about yet?

edit: hahahaha just got another gift sent to me! Now I have a Google notebook and matching pens for my purse. Nice!

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