Update to scammer post

Bahahahahah! I wrote to the spammer in the post below and they actually wrote back!

The thread is below… give me your thoughts!!!

from Ginger to Shelly

You have been marked as spam. You’re not even convincing and are totally missing all the important link exchange information. I can’t believe you’re even trying.


By the way, Ginger is NOT a male name, dumbass.

from Shelly to Ginger


Thanks for your comments but when I mailed you it was like this.. (Hi Sir / Admin) this means that maximum of site owners are admin those who are male.. Am I right,,

And anyways dear… See I have good sites on finance.. I like this way of contacting sites.. This is because of reducing the time on the mail..:)

Let me know if you are still interested for article swapping with my .. .www.debtincome.com site.



I think I may send these posts to “her”. What do you think?

I just can’t believe what she wrote back… as if I’m going to check out her sites or link to them when she doesn’t even have the decency to look at mine or even figure out what my name is.

Also because I was really rude. It’s clearly not a real person behind the emails. Just a low-life scammer.

5 thoughts on “Update to scammer post”

  1. Well she certainly is persistent.

    Personally I don't think emailing her the posts will change her philosophy on spamming so I would just leave it or ask her to put her money where her mouth is and get down to business.

  2. Did you really call her a dumbass? And she responded? Hilarious!!! And she defended the fact that she addressed you originally as sir misses the point. Does it matter that the majority of admins are male? She could have easily addressed sir or madam, or something gender neutral.

  3. Yup! I really did drop the d-bomb on her!

    I was rude for sure, which makes it even funnier that she still wanted to "exchange links".

    Really the site she was hawking just looked like a crappy front for something else–not even a real site.

    A link with her would not benefit me in any way, however SHE would benefit greatly from a link from my site.

    No dice, my friends.

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