The Purge Project: Bath & Body Products

This weekend while I was waiting for a friend to come over I took a moment to organize one of my drawers by my desk. It holds a myriad of items, including hand and face creams, prescription lotions and pills, dental stuff like floss and picks and a bunch of other random crap.

As you can see, it was pretty darn messy:

I began by taking everything out of the drawer and sorting it into categories on my desk. This gave me a good idea of what I have, and of any duplicates or expired items.

I washed out the drawer itself and also the basket inside, then went through all my crap and tossed things that needed tossing, and relocated things that didn’t belong there.

It really only took me a few minutes–much less than I thought it would!

I scooped another basket from somewhere else in my apartment and used it to hold all my elongated creams and lipbalms. I was able to stack almost all the other products rightside up in the larger basket.


I still have a ton of stuff, but oddly enough I use all of it fairly frequently. I find using those little baskets to organize my drawers is the best solution I’ve come across so far. They’re 3 for a dollar at the dollar store and come in several different shapes and sizes. The trick is just discovering the best configuration to use in your drawer. It’s kind of like a puzzle!

The baskets are great but not the best… does anyone else have some cheap or free organization tips for small spaces such as drawers and under the sink? I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “The Purge Project: Bath & Body Products”

  1. Nice job! I am very envious.
    I have no problem with purging things, just actually vacuuming and dusting, etc. (And buying too much crap to begin with!)

  2. hehe thanks!

    I have the same problem… I just acquire too much stuff. Sometimes I'm not even the one buying it…

    See, I have a pretty big apartment, and I'm finding that simply because I have a big apartment I'm accumulating much more than I really need on a regular basis.

    But then again, it's hard to adjust. Before I lived here I lived with my parents in a big suburban house; so I had the whole house to "fill" with my stuff. Now my space is slightly smaller–but not much!

    Sometimes I wonder how much stuff I could get rid of and still be comfortable and happy. I'd never be a minimalist, but I sure would like a tidy, organized home!

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