Storm Season

Oooh, there’s an awesome storm happening outside as I type this.

This whole weekend it’s been crazy in terms of weather. My body isn’t too happy… I’m a human barometer and the weather changes and storms have been causing me serious pain. I was laid up most of yesterday and into the night with an awful body-based migraine.

The rain isn’t the only thing that is crazy this weekend. On Saturday the weather was overcast but otherwise alright. It rained a little at the Taste of the Danforth (mmm I nommed loads of delish Greek food) but nothing spectacular.

This morning I woke up to a weird storm–it went as dark as night then started in with thunder and lightning. When it was right over my house there was a huuuuge CRACK!! of thunder, and all the car alarms in the neighbourhood went off! Incroyable!

After that passed, the retarded levels of heat and humidity moved in. I offer you the following evidence:

You see that little “feels like” section? Yeah. 42. That’s in celsius, my friends (108 Fahrenheit). Vancouver, I think we’ve got you matched for heat now!

While I was away at Spirits Fest I did a ceremonial sweat lodge. While not nearly as hot as the sweat lodge, it’s pretty fucking close outside right now. Like, the humidity/heat level of the lodge when you’re just getting into it and haven’t fully heated it up yet.

I plan to take a cold shower and sleep naked tonight with 3 fans pointed in my direction. That’s the only way I can bear it in my apartment. The A/C doesn’t reach all the way into my room.

Fingers crossed the heat will break tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Storm Season”

  1. Was it super packed on the Saturday? Friday night I went for a walk through the area after work (a woman in a neighbouring office drops me off near home if I end up working late), it wasn't too bad. Note that this is around 5:30 or so. Fast forward a few hours and the crowds are so bad my BF and I kept getting separated, and stuck in horrible crowds.

    We went back Sunday after the morning rain storm, and it wasn't too bad, but worse on the walk back home.

    P.S. Messini's is delicious and cheap, and better than Astoria, which had horrible service (just past Chester).

    The storm last night was pretty impressive though, don't you think?

  2. I got there around 4-ish on Sat and it was starting to get pretty busy. I guess it was because it was so close to supper time. The lineups were kind of ridiculous, I will have to go earlier next year for sure. And also bring plastic bags for all the take-home goodies!

    I'll have to try Messini's… this was actually my first time out to the Danforth, so it was all new to me!

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