The Silver Lining to My Day

Today is so gross.

It’s cold.
It’s wet.
It’s snowing AND raining AND hailing
It’s windy
It’s slushy
It’s grey

Ugh. Not a very pleasant day at all! I don’t know what is up with the weather today! I was expecting some nice fluffy snow and instead I get soaked to my skivvies on the way to the subway this morning. Then the subway is too crowded so I wait 4 trains and then get on one which then halts because one ahead of it broke! Bah humbug!

So yeah. Not a totally happy camper. But you know what? My feet are still warm and dry.

I know. I can’t believe that in all the slush I had to walk through this morning sans wellingtons or umbrella that my tootsies would be warm and dry. But it’s the silver lining to my day, it seems.

What do I have to thank for this reprieve from chilly misery?

My cheap-ass Walmart boots! 😀

(Not actually my leg, and my boots are black instead)

They’re totally plastic and kind of cheap-looking, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t keep out all the rain and slush! They’re almost as good as rain boots! I never would have expected this of them; all my experiences with Walmart brand ANYTHING usually end up with me chucking out whatever I bought because of some defect or the shit quality.

I guess as long as the glue holds they’ll keep the water out! I am so tempted to spray them with my leather protector too, to give them that extra oompf.

I want to send props out to the Fatshionista community and particularly socrepuscular (That is her leg up there) for posting about these babies. It’s not easy to find cute, inexpensive boots that actually fit plus sized calves, so these were quite the find. Fashionable, AND practical! The holy grail!

7 thoughts on “The Silver Lining to My Day”

  1. Ah. I love Fatshionista (sometimes. I usually detest Friday posts and when things become a bit too dramatic and political. But I digress…)

    Super cute! I'm full of envy. I wore my new boots today too cause of the snow and boy and I glad I bought them! Toronto cannot handle snowfall at all!

  2. I might have to get these boots. I am in the middle of writing up a post about boots & I see this. I think I know the answer to this one but do they actually keep you warm?

  3. Well it depends on how you define warm!

    Today I am wearing leggings and socks with them so they're decently warm. The plastic holds in a lot of heat which can also be a downer because it makes your feet sweat.

    Really, they're just cheap boots. If you're looking for winter boots, these are not the answer. These are inexpensive, poorly made plastic fashion boots. They're cute, but I don't expect them to last very long! But if you're just looking for a cheap pair of cute boots then go for it!

  4. Yeah I don't like the huge influx of sales posts on Fridays. I'd rather go to a different site set up like ebay or etsy to look at everyone's things.

    But overall its not bad. Been considering posting some OOTDs if I ever get up the nerve.

    I like seeing other fat chicks and what they wear. I don't feel so alone after looking at their photos and seeing that someone else has rolls and chunky thighs. (And also that some of them look perfectly "normal" to me, too!)

  5. I totally understand where your coming from today! I probably was one of the angry people standing next to you waiting for the subway.. I also missed a few trains!

    The only difference? My Walmart boots failed me and got my feet soaking wet :(

  6. That is pretty awesome… I would have expected them to fall apart in the wet too probably. I was also very thankful this morning that my waterproof snow boots weren't lying to me about the waterproof part.

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