My heart is breaking!

I just found out that the Monif C bathing suit that I was dying to get has been sold out and they’re not making any more! I even went so far as to call New York to see if I could get one…

I can’t believe it!

I finally made the decision to shell out all that cash for it and they’re gone! Gone! Gone into the ether! I even got my aunt to agree to have it shipped to her place so I could buy the damn thing!

What am I going to do??? Will anyone else ever love it as much as I do???

I was actually planning on using that for one of my photo shoots coming up, paired with some sexy red lips, red pumps and big hair! It would have been fantastic!

I am SO SAD. I have no more words.


7 thoughts on “Nooo!”

  1. Could you have someone make one for you? I'm positive those patterns are out there and someone could be handy enough with a machine to do it. Probably cost you a lot less, too!

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