Oh Hello, February

Ahh, I can finally get back on track!

Can you believe that January is over already???

At times it seemed like it was dragging on, but now it feels like it went by in a flash!

Both me and my blog turned another year older, I had a great birthday party, several blogger meet ups, a crazy couple of weeks at work and I finally got to see Mr. Darcy.

It’s been quite the month!

Despite the migraine that crippled me at 4am this morning, I woke up today feeling like it was a fresh start. It wasn’t til I needed to get out my February TTC pass that I realized it was a new month already!

For some reason I feel different today. A little more vital, a  little more calm. It could be because I finally got a chance to relax after my crazy week. I even ate an apple before work today (unheard of!) and tested my pH for the 21-day challenge. (6.4 for those that are interested. Looks like I’ve got some work to do!).

Tonight I have plans to get sweaty, intimate and rough with a group of men… Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m going to fight tonight! J So I can fit in my Greens+ after my session. I feel a little more motivated to go. It’s the first time in a while I’ve woken up and haven’t felt like crap, so I think it’s a sign. Plus, I watched Whip It (Ellen Page & Drew Barrymore) last night which is a cute film about roller derby and it was so cool! I’m inspired to look into it more, see if there is a derby around here. I don’t know if I would actually participate (but wouldn’t that be SO COOL?) but I would love to watch and get my fill of aggressive moves and speed! LOL

Fingers crossed the rest of the day goes by without too many “argh!” moments. I want to keep this loose feeling for a while longer.

10 thoughts on “Oh Hello, February”

  1. OHhh I've been wanting to see Whip It, but am not a big fan of roller derby so I haven't bothered yet. But I do heart Ellen Page. Maybe I'll rent it this week sometime!

    Glad to hear you're back and doing well. I hope February is a much more calm month for you.

    Hearts. :)

  2. There is in fact a women's derby in Toronto. There have been posts in the Toronto community on livejournal. I don't know anything about it, but do know it exists. I think it might be more in your end of the city – I don't think it was east of downtown at least.

  3. yep! toronto.livejournal.com. I used to check it regularly, until my computer broke and don't want to login at work or on my bf's computer. So those updates are few and far between for me.

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