Making my Avatar Real

You know what just occured to me?

The Flaunt dress by Kiyonna that I posted about below… now that I’m looking at it in a different frame of mind I realized that with this dress I will, in fact, look just like my avatar!

Isn’t that wild?

Check it out:

It was a totally unintentional purchase, I swear!

Here’s a close-up:

Any of the bloggers I have met have said that I do resemble my avatar. I regularly rock the pearls & red lips, and my hair really is that shade of blonde. With the blue form-fitting dress, my look is complete!

Wouldn’t it be funny if I recreated that avatar scene above in real life? I am seriously contemplating it! I am doing some modeling again and have a photo shoot next week. Maybe if I can get the stylist to do a vintage look for my hair and I can find a handsome man I can do this!

4 thoughts on “Making my Avatar Real”

  1. haha. YOU DO look like your avatar then.

    I've done that too. Not on purpose though. My brother remarked how I look like a certain cartoon. And so I took a picture and recreated the scene afterwards and put it side by side for a laugh.

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