Tea Party: The Fashion

You may recall that I  issued a challenge to my friends:

You must dress up. Using your existing wardrobe, create an outfit that expresses YOUR interpretation of “tea party”.

I was stoked to see what all my friends came up with! A lot of them were panicking about what to wear but I wasn’t concerned. I told them “no denim” and left the concept for them to explore…

Most proper tea parties have some kind of dress code, from smart-casual all the way up to formal dress. I decided that for mine I wanted everyone to make an effort to dress up since this was a special occasion. Of course I didn’t want anything too crazy, which is why I told the girls to use their existing wardrobe and not to feel as though they had to buy something new for this event. We’re not made of money!

Here are the results!

Yours truly - doing the "Marilyn" pose in front of the fan!

Aren’t their outfits totally FAB???

A lot of white, but it was nice! I mean, how often do you really get to break out the white dresses, anyway? I love that two of my friends wore hats for the event, and the last one was even channeling the India Tea Company of old!

I was really pleased to see the effort put into these outfits, and I thought my friends looked so lovely! And I think they really enjoyed dressing up, too! There just aren’t that many reasons to dress up anymore, know what I mean? I think it’s great to take some time out to pick some nice clothes and slap on some girly lipstick!

I will definitely be doing more dress-up or themed parties in the future. As long as they’re relatively easy for people to pull together, they can be a lot of fun!!!

Do you and your friends ever dress up for events or get-togethers? Is it a regular thing, or do you stay casual most of the time?

6 thoughts on “Tea Party: The Fashion”

  1. Love your dress and the flower in your hair! I totally agree….there aren't enough opportunity for normal gals to dress up. I usually end up dressing down more than I'd like to because I hate showing up to a gathering and being super over-dressed. Lately I've been trying to get over it and dress how I want, but I still hate getting those "oh, what's the occasion?" comments when I show up somewhere in a dress. (Don't you hate that?!!)

  2. I love your dress!! I think it's the best out of all of them, I love yellow and black together. My friends and I dress up on occasion. We used to do it more in college– get all dressed up and then go to the Olive Garden (because that was uber fancy for us back then haha). Maybe it's something we should reinstate! :)

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