Go Gently, My Darling

Another day of sadness in a week of sadness.

Today, my baby darling cat Tigger “Mr. T” passed from this world into the Summerland.

A funny shot of Tig "eating" chicken wings

After a brief battle with what we think was cancer, my brother and I took him into the vet this morning and said our goodbyes.

I held him as he rested his chin on my hand and gazed into his eyes as the anesthetic was administered. Gazing into his eyes I watched the life pass out of him gently. He stuck his tongue out at me as he left.

It was so quick. It was the right thing to do, but it hurts. First my dog, now one of my cats. We adopted Tig and his sister Mocha (also the love of my life) from the Humane Society 13 years ago. I did a lot of growing up with those cats, and Tig was there through thick and thin with his goofy meow and sweet disposition.

The house feels so empty now, even though Mocha is still here, and I have Sheba to go home to.

My brother dug a hole in the garden while my mom and I said our goodbyes to Tig. I dressed him in a shroud and lowered him into the ground myself. He was so soft, so limp. It wasn’t really TigTig anymore.

I feel better knowing that his suffering is over, but now I have the fallout of my life to deal with.

Why is there so much sadness these days? Everything seems to be working against me this year, and two of my rocks in the storm have now passed into the clearing suddenly and unexpectedly.

I just don’t understand why this is happening to me, and to my brother.

6 thoughts on “Go Gently, My Darling”

  1. Sorry for your loss. I know it's difficult to lose a pet but you have lots of great memories and that's what counts. I have a 14 year old kitty that's always been healthy but I think she's getting kidney problems as the vet spotted some warning signs and her water consumption is going up, which is often a telltale sign of problems. I dread that day.

  2. Rather than feel the world is against you and full of sadness this year, look at it from the other side. While it hurts now, it's seeming more and more clear that you're meant to learn something important. Your babies had a long and happy life, and, although it's difficult to let go, I honestly believe that all of the sorrow you're receiving this year is truly going to teach you something valuable.

    *hugs!* <3

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