How much is my purse worth?

This is an interesting little meme going around the internet right now, several bloggers that I read (FB, Asian Pear) have tallied up the approximate costs of everything they regularly carry in their purses.

It seems the average total of all items for most gals is around $300, but since my purse alone is $300 it got me wondering: just how much IS my bag carrying?

I’m about to find out. And also clean this sucker out, I have way too much stuff in here!

  • Purse – $300
  • iPod Touch – $250
  • Blackberry – $50 (it’s a hand-me-down)
  • Sunglasses – $500
  • Keys – $30
  • “Emergency” makeup kit – $40
  • Chinese fan (perfect for hot TTC rides!) – $3
  • Various lipgloss products – $40
  • Wallet – $50
  • Random USB sticks – free!
  • Metropass – $100
  • Customized purse hanger – $13
  • Miscellaneous (hanky, gum, mints, etc.) – $10

TOTAL: $1,386

Holy shit.

I just have sort of average stuff… or at least I thought I did :S I guess because I like to save up and buy quality items over time they add up! All my costs are what I assume it would cost to replace those items.

It’s amazing to see how having just 3 good-quality lipgloss products can suddenly mean you’re carrying around $40 of merch in your bag. I don’t think I even included my hand cream.

The thing is, I don’t really want to get rid of anything in my bag. It’s all useful and I use it regularly. It just shocks me to see how much it would cost to replace everything.

But I’m kind of glad I did this exercise! I will be much more aware of what I do with my bag and will be more motivated to keep it! Sheesh!

So… what’s in your bag?

4 thoughts on “How much is my purse worth?”

  1. $500 for sunglasses? Yikes. I just wrote a post (scheduled, not yet published) about how I saw a report and how most designer sunglasses are basically just pure profit for the companies, and how there's little if any difference with the knock-offs. Besides, I am tough on mine, often scratching them, so there's absolutely no way. If I put $500 aside, I would probably be set with sunglasses for the next twenty years at least!

  2. I try and try and try to clear out my handbag but in all honesty i use everything inside it from the tissues to the pen to the gum and coins & mobile charger hehe.

    I am not sure how much everything costs in dollars…..or how much they cost at all. i can quote in euros though lol.

    – Handbag – Accessorize approx 40 Euros
    – Mobile phone – Nokia 3600 slide 165 Euros
    – Nintendo DS ….. (for the daily ferry rides to occupy my time) – forgot price…but not cheap
    – Gucci Sunglasses – 200 euros
    – Wallet crappy and cheap from Accessorize as well hehe
    – Lip glosses and random make up approximately 100 Euros
    – Ipod – 145 Euros
    – Random stuff (diary, dum, pens, tissues ) Probably about 30 Euros or so

    That's basically it. Am missing some stuff I am sure though.

    I love seeing what's in other people's purses hehe. I remember I used to be in community on LJ dedicated to the contents of ones handbag….


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