Giveaway: 3 Free Blurb Books!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a special event at the Gladstone hosted by

If you’re not familiar with the site, here’s the deal in a nutshell: is a book printing and self-publishing website, and it’s great! Regular people like you and I can use their free online or downloadable software to create beautiful photo books. You can print just one, or print thousands!

The service is really popular for wedding photo albums and photographers’ portfolios, but you’re really only limited by your imagination on what you can do in your book.

I originally learned about Blurb several years ago, when my friend was getting married. She told me she was thinking of doing up their wedding album in that fashion. I thought it was a great idea—it saves you the costs of printing out the film versions of the photos, they won’t accidentally slip out of the sleeves and doing a Blurb book gives you a lot more license for creativity!

Anyway, I was delighted to be invited to their special event! Each year Blurb has a contest for the best photo book (anyone can enter). The event was to showcase the winners’ work, bring together fellow Blurb-ers in a social setting and have a good time!

I’m glad I went to this event because I had some great conversations, met the VP of the company and finagled some books for a blog giveaway!


The books themselves are beautiful when you get them. The paper is good quality and the printing is top notch. The binding options were also sturdy and good-looking. All-in-all they make nice books. Before seeing them in person I was a little hesitant about the quality, but I can honestly say that they passed my snobby book-lover’s test.

I’m currently pulling together a photo book of my travels, as well as a cookbook to print out! I’m so excited, and I want all of YOU to share my excitement, too and win a free book from!

Giveaway Details

There are 3 free Blurb book codes to be given away by random draw. To enter, leave a comment below telling me what your idea for a personal book is! It could be a cookbook, portfolio, family history book, anything! I can’t wait to see all the ideas. Please include your email address if it is not in your profile already.

I will be randomly selecting 3 winners on Friday, December 3rd and they will be notified via email.

Fine Print:  This will give the person a chance to make a book and get CAD $50.00 off the order total. This will cover a nice sized book as well as shipping.   Each customer can use this promotion 1 time. Offer valid between 2010-11-23 and 2010-12-31. Promotion only valid for books created by the customer.

Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Giveaway: 3 Free Blurb Books!”

  1. I absolutely love photo books. I've used them before to make gifts for friends and family. But most recently I've been planning to make a Blurb Book of my vacation this past summer.

  2. I've made about 3 books with Blurb and I love 'em.
    Have been dying to make another one..will likely be another portfolio book or one of my crazy photo projects. Of course I have to finish the family cookbook as well as my years abroad. So many options!

  3. I Love Blurb Books! A newborn photographer that I Admire posted a book that she had made of her newborn and I instintely feel in love with the quality. I am 9 weeks preganant and plan to make my own photo book of my little one when they arrive in July! I cant wait!

    Contact email:

  4. I'd love a new bride cookbook. I had made one for my sister containing recipes from family and friends, but it was in a 3-ring binder and plastic sleeves. This would have been a lot nicer.

  5. I'm thinking a cookbook might be in order. I would like to make it a photo/theme cookbook about what I ate and did on my recent trip to Italy. Such fun!

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