I need a new camera!

Random question for all my photography-savvy readers out there, what kind of camera do you recommend?

I’m looking for a new one that I can use for everyday life stuff as well as for more decent photos for this blog!

I want to be able to take nice photos (like Rina and Mel) of places I go, swag bags, food and products when I review them. I know I haven’t been around much (new job is taking up a lot of my time!) but I really want to take my blogging up a notch and I think decent photos would really help out.

I don’t need a giant SLR camera since I’m pretty clueless when it comes to settings and stuff for it, but I’m ok with something more advanced than a cheap point and shoot.

I’ve been using a Canon Powershot for some time now and it’s held up really well but I want to graduate from this level of camera. I’d be happy with another Canon or another reputable brand (except for Nikon since I had a Nikon and it was crap!)

Does anyone know where I should start looking, and what features are most important in a quality camera?

Here are some features I would like:

  • Flash
  • Video & sound recording
  • Decent night time & action photos
  • Decent optical & digital zoom
  • Timer (so I can take photos of my outfits!)
  • Good battery
  • Small enough to fit in my purse
  • User-friendly
  • Up to $400

Here are some things I would be using the camera for:

  • Outfit photos
  • Recipe/food photos
  • Photos of friends, family, etc.
  • Photos of products I review, swag
  • Night time party shots!
  • Outside photos

Like I said, pretty basic stuff; but I want them to be really good photos! Lol

Can you help a girl out?

5 thoughts on “I need a new camera!”

  1. Hmmm, I think you're going to have a hard time finding a camera that is an upgrade from the Canon Powershot and will take good nighttime photos for $400, honestly :( I'm interested to see what suggestions you get though! I have a Canon Powershot with image stabilization and I love it, mostly, but it's pretty awful for nighttime photos and I've basically conceded that I will have no choice but to upgrade to a DSLR at some point in order to get the nighttime quality shots that I want.

  2. Hmm ok well it goes to show I don' t know a ton about cameras! I don't use it for night shots a lot but when you're in the club I don't want it all to be blurry all the time! I figured the technology must have gotten better in the 5+ years I've had my camera…

    I basically just need a good camera, period. All around decent, for a max of $400 which I think is pretty generous–most of the ones I've been looking at are under that limit anyway.

  3. I own the Canon G11. This is what I use for my macro makeup shots and product photos on my blog. I am really pleased with it, except I think it was $500+. It’s not gigantic like an SLR, but it’s not super slim either. If you carry a medium sized purse, you shouldn’t have problems stashing it.

    It gets great reviews too. Try Googling for them. :)
    Arianne´s last blog post ..Gryffindor Inspired Look- Because I am a Geek

  4. Yeah, the blurry photos when it's dark is the problem with most non-SLR cameras. How have you found yours for that issue, Arianne?

  5. I shoot with a DSLR (but have recently also gotten back into film..how nuts is that??*LOL*) but I agree with A Little Coffee and Arianne..you'll be hard pressed to find one that does all…and nighttime shots are brutal for everyone!*LOL* Arianne uses the same camera my friend does as she absolutely loves it..I've tried it a couple of times and have been pretty impressed with the quality and what it does.

    Before I went DSLR, I did shoot with a Fuji (dslr-style..meaning you don't need to buy alternate lenses) and it was great!

    Hope that helps!

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