My Body Is Amazing

Dear Body:

You are incredible, and I am so amazed by you!

We had surgery just over a week ago. You were cut open, had organs shoved around, implants put in and incisions sutured. After that you were bombarded with drugs and had nothing but liquids for sustenance. What a trial to go through!

But today, today you amazed me! Actually, every day since surgery you have amazed me. We recovered so quickly, I am astounded.

Today I took the steri-strips off the incision sites expecting to see some sad looking stitched up scabby things. Lo and behold I have only small little marks where the skin was cut open! Nothing gross or heinous, no mottled bruises or anything!

I feel like a stronger version of my old self. Every day we get a little bit better, with more stamina and endurance. The pain is ebbing, systems are returning to normal functions and we can finally sleep in comfortable positions again!

You are so incredible, and you deserve a reward.

The reward is my undying love for you.

I love you body, and I am so proud that we got through this together. You are healing so fast I can hardly believe it. I am so thankful for your amazing abilities.

Thank you for being my amazing body, and I look forward to many more healthy years with you!

Love & kisses,


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