Slimband Update: 7 Weeks In

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It’s been about 7 weeks since I had my surgery with Slimband. So far I’m down about 12lbs overall and am losing around 1lb per week.

It’s going a lot slower than I thought it would, and I’m not sure whether this is good or bad. Usually slower weight loss means it will not be gained back, but on the other hand, I feel like I’m failing as I do it.

I just had a call with my dietitian and funny enough he was encouraging me to eat MORE… more of everything! Always! Anything! He even said pizza or a cheeseburger! It seems that some of my problems can be attributed to under-eating of all things. Go figure!

My other vice is that I’ve been drinking with meals which is a huge no-no for this type of thing. Reason being that when you drink and eat, the food gets washed through your system much faster. The point of the band is to hold food in your stomach longer so you feel less hungry. If you drink and wash the food down, it won’t stick around to give you that feeling!

But it’s a seriously hard habit to break, I LOVE drinking with my food, it makes me so thirsty!

But yeah, adjusting to the new eating patterns and habits is giving me a lot of trouble. I’m not eating enough, and when I do, I have been choosing a lot of the wrong things. I put it down to bad willpower and also a lack of time and planning.

On the plus side of things, my clothes are fitting me a lot better. One pair of my jeans is actually too big for me now! And one of my winter jackets that was just a little too tight before now fits me well.

My face has thinned out and my skin is really soft.


And… I don’t know if this is real or just wishful thinking, but my tits are looking awesome! I think losing some of the flab under my arms has given them some more definition or something! Fingers crossed that they don’t shrink as the rest of me shrinks…

10 thoughts on “Slimband Update: 7 Weeks In”

  1. It's sound like you are moving in the right direction with everything! I like that your dietitian is encouraging you to make small changes in your eating habits so you can gain more benefit from this!

    I think the proof is in how your clothes are feeling, and that you can read the excitement and confidence you are exuding!!

  2. I am scared of losing my boobs as I slim down to. I was pretty much flat chested and as I gained I gained boobs. They are somewhat made of fat so as you lose weight (unless your naturally a certain size) they may shrink a little. It's cool that they are looking good now and you are happy. The best of luck to you;)

  3. Yay! Things are working for you! Hope your boobs stay tit-tacular! lol…

    I just need to re-start my journey. I'm pretty sure my boobs will stay pretty big since they're pretty dense.

  4. Sounds like you're doing well, congrats. I agree with FMWay, it's great your dietitian is working so well with you…small changes usually end up with better results than drastic ones.____I am on my own weight loss journey (through Weight Watchers)…I don't fear losing my boobs, I pray that I will lose a cup size or two, LOL! ____Keep on keeping on, the little changes here and there in my body are what's keeping me going. Celebrate all of them…good luck!

  5. I've just begun my own weight loss journey. Over the past year or two I've been slowly packing on the pounds and I'm hoping to slowly take them off in the next few months. I can't wait for the weather to be a little warmer near me so I can take walks by the lake near my house, or ride my bike.

    Small steps are definitely the way to go. And congratulations on the first 12 lbs gone!

  6. Not sure what a "slim band" is but 1lb a week is slow & steady loss so I would think it would stay off. I am surprised your dietician is suggesting you eat cheeseburgers, pizza, etc though… I would go for a lifestyle change and avoid SAD for health reasons and to keep your weight loss off for good! :)

    On the boobs bit, I lost 50lbs and quite a bit from the top, but I wouldn't ever want that 50lbs back on me just for the sake of bigger boobs! lol! I much prefer my skinny jeans & size xs shirts! 😉

    Well keep up the good work! Weight loss isn't easy, but it's worth it!

  7. sounds like you all arnt eating the way your susppose to so why all the bitching
    your just making it bad for us new patients that just started this trip with slimband

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