The Original Hipsters

Is this YOUR dad?

Your dad ate local fair trade produce before you did and he has dirt under his finger nails to prove it. Your dad had a green thumb and leather tanned neck. He worked in the garden and grew his own food, not because he had to, but because he wanted to. So hipsters, next time you’re asking the waitress if the tomatoes in your salad were ethically grown, locally produced, fair trade, sustainable and if the workers were given a livable wage, remember this…

Your dad was the leader of the eating local trend, he contributed to society and you’re just a giant succubus at the teat of it, who contributes nothing, but feels the need to bitch about everything…

and to conclude this conclusion, grow up hipsters, grow a pair and add something to culture other than shitty art and bad music.



After spending 9 months living with a hipster, I have come to dislike the whole movement quite a bit! Annoying, self-absorbed and “trying too hard” they are only cool in their own minds.

Enter the site Dads: The Original Hipsters.

If you have ever encountered a hipster, you will love this site as it calls out all the particular traits that hipsters pride themselves on, makes fun of them and shows how awesome our dads were for doing all that stuff originally. Hispters are just poseurs, stealing from another generation!

Yeah, my dad was totally an original hipster. Sick.

*I am referring to the annoying hipsters, not the ones that are actual nice, decent people. Though rare, they DO exist.

One thought on “The Original Hipsters”

  1. This cracked me up because it is the perfect opposite of my dad, but it perfectly described my mom! But really, I think it's easy for it to become another trend that people decide to "do" because it seems cool and that gives the whole thing a bad name.
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