Gardening Help?

In an effort to eat a little fresher and healthier, I planted a small potted herb garden in my bathroom window.

Everything seems to be doing pretty well there, except for my basil plant. It’s either got some kind of illness or bugs, I’m not sure which.

Here are some photos of the leaves. They turn all brown and die off and I can’t figure out why! I have been using Bug-B-Gon from the garden centre to kill any bugs that might be there (I dislike using chemicals but I can’t get my basil healthy!)

Does anyone know what could be causing this, and how to fix it? I just want to eat my basil!

3 thoughts on “Gardening Help?”

  1. It doesn't look like bugs to me–the damage looks trauma induced. And if the other plants look healthy, I think it's some sort of rust. Take a snippet to the garden center and ask them.
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  2. It’s not trauma. They are mites and/or mildew.

    Basil is actually notoriously hard to grow indoors. You need lots of air circulation, which means that you may need a special fan. Just search the internet. I brought in perfectly healthy plants indoors last year and they just kept dying on me. I thought I was doing something wrong until I read about the difficulties around growing it indoors.
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