SoftPaws: For a Kitty-Cat Manicure

Would you do this for your cat?

Thanks to Janine’s post on the subject I was reminded of this odd-yet-intriguing product for your cat. I’ve seen SoftPaws floating around in various pet stores over the years and always wondered what kind of person would do that to their cats.

I thought it was just another trend, like dressing your little dog in tutus and painting her nails… but now that I’ve seen some photos of these it looks like they might be useful. (And super-cute!)

Luna is awesome, but she’s still having some issues with scratching things and biting a little bit. I’ve got her using her scratching post now, and we get manicures together* to keep things under control.

But she still loves going after my vintage dining chairs, clawing at both the fabric and the cane backs. I’ve already found some damage :( She also has a thing for the blankets on my bed.

…Maybe these cute little fake nails are the answer? I just wonder if she would be able to keep them on and how well they prevent damage to your stuff…

Has anyone tried these on their cat before??

*Our nails grow at roughly the same rate, so whenever I need to do my nails, she gets it too! I think by doing them together regularly Luna is much more receptive to the process and doesn’t put up a stink! She’s not as afraid of the clippers, either.

2 thoughts on “SoftPaws: For a Kitty-Cat Manicure”

  1. My friend used those on her cats for a while, and they are very cute. But I think you really have to keep checking them to see the cats aren't loosening them off when they groom their nails.
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