Crafting Borne of Boredom

Today I got a lot of little crafty things accomplished. But there was definitely one project that stood out from all the rest.

Ash trays for my deck. Some of my friends like to smoke and need somewhere to put their cigarette butts.

I have a sad, twisted sense of humor as you can see. I’m ok with that.

Take a mini ice cream container or two
Paint over the labels
Come up with something hilarious to put on them
Like "Seymour Butts"
Or "I Like Big Butts"

I’d say that the butt-catchers were more satisfying than the ice cream. The ice cream kinda sucked, I just threw mine in the sink. (If you want your own butt-catchers you can get the Skinny Cow ice creams for free if you like their Facebook page and print out the coupon!)

4 thoughts on “Crafting Borne of Boredom”

  1. I don't smoke or anything, but shouldn't you put some sand or something in the bottom? For one, to make them bottom heavy so they don't tip over easily. And for two, to catch the butts so they don't melt the plastic.

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