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I’m a little late to the game with this post, but for good reason! Considering the cold rainy weather we’ve been having, it didn’t seem appropriate to talk about summertime frozen treats like this Nestle Mini Drumstick I’m about to devour.

The classic - double chocolate with nuts!

But with that 2-day heatwave (in which I nearly perished) this week, the time seemed right.

A few weeks ago Nestle sent me a couple of boxes of these adorable little mini Drumsticks. They’re like the big ones we all know from our childhood, except itty bitty!

After finishing off 2 boxes of these things I think I can comment on a few of their features.

Things I like:

  • They are so cute and little and adorable! You just want to eat them up! (Which I suppose is the point!)
  • They are portion-controlled so you don’t have to feel guilty afterwards
  • They are small enough for little kids and aren’t as hard to eat as their larger brethren

Things I don’t like:

  • They are a little too cute and tiny. You may find yourself easily mowing down on 3 of them if you’re not careful
  • They tend to melt a lot faster than the normal ones
  • I feel guilty producing so much garbage from the packaging
  • The quality/taste is a little lacking compared to the big ones

Ultimately I think they’re a decent entry into the portable ice-cream section of the grocery store, and I think they’d be great for an event like a birthday party or something. Or ya know, just ‘cuz. I definitely enjoyed my boxes.

What summer treat are you most looking forward to?

One thought on “Om Nom Nom”

  1. I'm looking forward to having ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars (like Revello)! Although I could eat way too many of those in a row.

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