The Quest for the Perfect Website

Ugh, this is the 3rd time I’m uploading some huge package to my new site.

I’m trying to find a decent shopping cart solution so I can actually sell stuff off the site.

So far I’ve looked at


Yeah, I think it was a little bit confusing for me. I gave up one day into the trial period. I’m not going to pay for something that makes me cross-eyed. Might revisit in the future.


This was recommended to me by a tech savvy friend. It sure is pretty, and easy on the eyes. I just don’t know if it has the functionality and organizational abilities that I want. I want to be able to split my products into categories and sub-categories, and so far I haven’t found a way to do that. I also have to pay to use this and if I want it customized I have to find someone that can code in their bizarre “liquid” language.

Now I’m onto the free options which are more confusing, clunky and ugly, but free. Since I have pretty much no starting capital at this point and am funding everything out of my meagre savings, I need cheap solutions.


This was recommended to me by another shop owner. His site looks pretty good, but he has a partner that takes care of that kind of stuff. I think they hired someone to set it up which again, is costly.

I was going to go with this one for a while and may still choose it, but I’m having issues making it look pretty. I know a little about coding, but I can’t seem to wade through all of the junk they include. I’ll have to show it to my design folks and see if they can work with it.


This is what I’m uploading to the server right now. It’s also a huge fileset like ZenCart. I think it will be pretty similar but have a nicer interface and template. My big concern is that it only has one template… what if I want to make changes?

Between this and the logo & pricing strategy I’m going bonkers. Setting up federal incorporation documents, registering and setting up bank accounts is a cakewalk compared to this.

Has anyone out there had experience setting up their own online shop? Care to weigh in or make suggestions? I need all the help I can get!

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