This Calls for a *Headdesk*

Yup. It sure does.

Shit that isn’t working for me right now:

Stupid Visa application

– I have to send in tax documents of all things just to get a damn card. What a fracking pain, those are with my parents. They better give me a damn card after this.

Unending uploading

– I installed zencart in my root html directory. Now my test of opencart won’t work. Not impressed. Transferring thousands (literally) of files to a temp folder on my Mac. Oh boy I hope this works. I miss knowing how the internet worked. Now I just feel old and dumb.

Outlook for Mac is retarded

– Microsoft, I know we broke up but do you have to be such a bitch about it?? Why can’t you make a decent Mac version of Outlook? One that will sync with my Google calendar and iPhone? Why won’t you allow me SSL encryption on my email? Why is my outgoing mail port blocked? It wasn’t before! WTF???

Procrastinating gets you nowhere

– I’m so tired I just spelled nowhere as “knowhere”. This was going to be a rant about my logo design but I think I’ll devote it to exhaustion instead. I can’t currently feel my left arm but I’ve still got hours of work to go. It’s 12:43am.

Logo woe-go

– Designer needs photos of the kind of stuff I’m planning to sell so she can get an idea of the shop feel and come up with suggestions. Fair. I still haven’t done it and it’s probably the easiest thing on my to-do list right now. Why haven’t I done it?!!? Sometimes I frustrate myself.

Vendor relations

– It’s no problem finding people to buy from, but how do I do it? They’ll want a fair price for their shit but I need to give a fair price to my customers and make a profit. I have no idea what wholesale costs are for things. I may have to be a bully. It pains me. I wish I had some money to start this damn shop!

One thought on “This Calls for a *Headdesk*”

  1. I am also feeling rather nostalgic about the internet… Everytime I'm confused by something new I realize that this is how my parents must have felt when I was like "Click there to download free music… left click mother" 10 years ago.

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