It’s Alive, Alive!!

It’s true! I finally got the site up and running, my friends!

I’m going ahead with a soft launch to start, and the official grand opening is scheduled for October 1st.

The soft launch will let me work out any kinks, learn what sells and basically practice everything. I don’t have a logo yet (but it’s in the works, more details after the weekend!) and I don’t have all the products in yet, but I have enough to start. Every day I am adding more so I hope you’ll keep coming back.

Without further ado, is live and taking orders! Go forth and shop, my blogging friends!


If you have any suggestions about products or crafters I should check out, please let me know. I will be continuously sourcing the latest and greatest items made or designed with heart.

If you could also do me a favour and spread the word I would really appreciate it! I am trying my hardest to live my dream and get the business doing well enough to pay me a salary to live on. I have other irons in the fire right now just in case, but ultimately I want to do this store, and open up a bricks and mortar location within a few years.

I think I’ve done pretty well. I got the business up and running from nothing in just under one month. I’d say that’s pretty impressive! I only incorporated on July 13th :)

9 thoughts on “It’s Alive, Alive!!”

  1. Go Ginger! I just checked out your store and you're doing awesome. There were things I've never even imagined. The foldable water bottle would be great for our trip to Italy next year—gonna have to remember that. :-) The vases were also cool, I always hate the room our vases take up when not in use; very innovative. There's such variety and I'm sure you're gonna do great with it. Congrats!
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  2. Congratulations, sweetie! This is all so exciting! I know you’ve been waiting for this day a loooooong time, and I’m confident that you’ve got the savvy to make it work.

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