New Hair!

As I get older and less stressed about things, I find myself doing some of the stuff I “ought” to have done when I was younger.

Recently I tackled dying all my hair for THE FIRST TIME.

Ohmigod you guys, I don’t know what I was thinking! I just somehow decided to do it? I met an awesome new gal through my vintage & retro group and she offered to do it. We settled on a peachy-pink colour for me.

Cutting all my long locks off last year was a pretty big step for me. Some of my friends are commenting that I seem to be going through some self-reinvention period or something. I’m inclined to believe them, but I’m not doing it intentionally. It was just time and frankly, I just didn’t care what people thought about my hair.

I’m still funemployed (but the vacation rental empire is going well) so I don’t have work to worry about. I don’t have a boyfriend and feel strangely unmotivated to find one. I was using a demi-permanent dye that would wash out and I knew my mom would think pink hair was cool. All my “OK, go for it, Ginger” boxes were checked.

So my friend popped over one afternoon and painted my hair with this dye:

Candy Pink Raw Demi-Permanent Hair Dye
From Hot Topic (I don’t ever want to go in that store again, so many memories from high school!)

Now, I have light blonde hair naturally, so we didn’t need to bleach it first and instead took a shot in the dark with applying it cut with conditioner.

In progress!
In progress!

I can’t say that it came out the way I had hoped, but it wasn’t bad! Kind of berry-swirl, if you will.

Berry swirl!
Berry swirl!

It’s fading pretty quickly, apparently because of my virgin hair. Another odd quirk I noticed is that my roots really took the dye well. They are super pink, while closer to the ends the colour fades out quite a bit. It looks like I was born with pink hair and dyed it blonde! Outrageous!

So the pink suits me ok. But the fading sucks. I’m just about to reapply the colour and hopefully it will stick around for a little longer. Then I’ll either pick another colour or just let the blonde come back.

What do you think?



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