Hey! I’m Ginger! Nice to meet you!

I am a woman of many talents.

  • Blogger: Beauty, lifestyle, plus size fashion, DIY, cooking, travel, entertaining and the domestic arts are my forte
  • Image Consultant: I can help you look and feel great and learn how to project the image that YOU want to the world! I’ll work with all women for all occasions, and specialize in the plus size figure
  • Hostess/Vacation Rental Owner-Operator: With my partner, I run a small vacation rental company with several properties in downtown Toronto. This means I am wicked awesome at hostessing of all kinds, housekeeping and home products. Even cleaning! It also means I am a small business owner and am a hustler, baby.
  • Influencer: Yup, I’m one of those people that everyone goes to for advice and recommendations. If your product or service is up to snuff, maybe we can find a mutually beneficial arrangement. I got bills to pay, yo!

I live in Toronto, Canada, am in my twenties and lead a very interesting life. My business cards sum it up pretty well: “I work on a lot of things”. I’m an animal lover, shopaholic, completely down to earth daydreamer (figure that one out!) and a capricorn.

I love trying new things and experiences and try to keep my life as spicy as possible. I also love to talk, and therefore blog. I have a semi-famous cat who I love very very much.

Read the blog for the rest.

Ginger out.

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