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Review: Essie Resort Fling Collection 2014

Whew, what a “summer” it has been here in Toronto. We’re in July and it’s finally starting to feel like the summer. June was mostly a washout until the end of the month.

It has been super-busy though! Working on my business, becoming a real estate agent to make my business even more valuable and I got myself a boyfriend. He’s super sweet. We’ve just passed the 3 month mark and a friend of mine invited us up to a beach house on Georgian Bay for a few days.

I haven’t had a getaway in ages so I was really looking forward to this with my man… and beach! Glorious beach! Plus the timing for this review was just perfect.

Recently the folks over at sent me two shades from the new Essie Resort Fling Collection to test drive. I think everyone knows what a sap I am for nail polish. I just can’t get enough of doing my nails and I love the Essie brand (Essie and OPI FTW!) so this was great for me.

Out of the collection I chose the shades Cocktails and Coconuts and Resort Fling because they were the most different from what I already had in my collection.

Cocktails & Coconuts

Cocktails & Coconuts by Essie

I love this shade, even though I was a bit iffy at first. The neutrals I’ve tried in the past have all looked a little cheap on me, but this one wasn’t cheap at all. It goes on nice and thick and is described as “a light neutral with a very subtle shimmer.” I agree with this description and found the colour true to the bottle & photos.

Resort Fling

Resort Fling by Essie

This shade is bright and cheery, but a little more “liquid” to apply, if you know what I mean. I like the colour but it didn’t suit my skintone quite so well. I’ll probably keep it around for design details when I get creative. It’s described as ” a light pinky-orange crème with a jelly finish.”

Honestly I don’t know what they mean by jelly finish, but the rest of the description is accurate.

Here is what my nails ended up looking like:

Please excuse the poor manicure, I was just farting around with the colours!

I really liked the light neutral, so I actually wore it on my beach vacation, though I forgot to take a photo. When I actually spent time on my nails it looked much nicer! As a side note, it was pretty close to the shade of the sand I was on, too cool!

I’m interested to learn more about the site that sent these to me. It looks like they have a massive collection of colours in nail polish, and the prices aren’t bad, either. It’s Canadian and I also learned that Essie nail polishes ship for free within Canada. Don’t know if that applies to other brands though.

OOTD – Aug 17, Mods n’ Rockers Event

Today was the second half of the annual Mods n’ Rockers event here in Toronto. It’s basically a celebration of vintage motorbikes and scooters, and an excuse to show them off 😉

I did ride my scooter down to the event but didn’t participate in the judging event since I can hardly call her vintage…

I did have fun dressing for the event though. I wore my new SWAK Curvy Kitten top and did a low-key vintage inspired look.

I just recently learned how to do a cat-eye on myself as well, so it was great to practice it again! I tried out several new cosmetics for this look, too. Details after the photo.IMG_1199Top: SWAK Curvy Kitten
Belt: Torrid (old)
Skirt: Collectif via Rosie the Rebel
Shoes: TOMS
Necklace: With Heart

Obligatory silly selfie for posterity.
Obligatory silly selfie for posterity.

Eyes: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Face: Marcelle BB Cream
Lips: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in Satin Vermillion Red

The bikes at this event were amazing. I fell in love with the Italian Moto Guzzi bikes as well as the British Norton’s. I hope to get a proper bike for myself next season, but there are so many to choose from! A great showing of classic Honda’s, Yamaha’s and Triumphs as well.

Moto Guzzi v7 Racer (750cc’s)


OOTD – Aug. 8

IMG_1125I didn’t really feel like getting too dressed up today. I’m tired and it’s going to be hot, so comfort was key.

Today’s outfit was easy, breezy and comfortable. The pattern and cut of the dress really enhances my shape, giving me a nice feminine look without trying too hard. I like this one too because it’s easy to take from day to night with just a few accessory and makeup changes.

Product highlights

Face: Marcelle BB Cream
Eyes: Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black
Lips: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in 36 – Satin Fuschia

Dress: Addition-Elle
Shoes: SoftMoc house brand

New Hair!

As I get older and less stressed about things, I find myself doing some of the stuff I “ought” to have done when I was younger.

Recently I tackled dying all my hair for THE FIRST TIME.

Ohmigod you guys, I don’t know what I was thinking! I just somehow decided to do it? I met an awesome new gal through my vintage & retro group and she offered to do it. We settled on a peachy-pink colour for me.

Cutting all my long locks off last year was a pretty big step for me. Some of my friends are commenting that I seem to be going through some self-reinvention period or something. I’m inclined to believe them, but I’m not doing it intentionally. It was just time and frankly, I just didn’t care what people thought about my hair.

I’m still funemployed (but the vacation rental empire is going well) so I don’t have work to worry about. I don’t have a boyfriend and feel strangely unmotivated to find one. I was using a demi-permanent dye that would wash out and I knew my mom would think pink hair was cool. All my “OK, go for it, Ginger” boxes were checked.

So my friend popped over one afternoon and painted my hair with this dye:

Candy Pink Raw Demi-Permanent Hair Dye
From Hot Topic (I don’t ever want to go in that store again, so many memories from high school!)

Now, I have light blonde hair naturally, so we didn’t need to bleach it first and instead took a shot in the dark with applying it cut with conditioner.

In progress!
In progress!

I can’t say that it came out the way I had hoped, but it wasn’t bad! Kind of berry-swirl, if you will.

Berry swirl!
Berry swirl!

It’s fading pretty quickly, apparently because of my virgin hair. Another odd quirk I noticed is that my roots really took the dye well. They are super pink, while closer to the ends the colour fades out quite a bit. It looks like I was born with pink hair and dyed it blonde! Outrageous!

So the pink suits me ok. But the fading sucks. I’m just about to reapply the colour and hopefully it will stick around for a little longer. Then I’ll either pick another colour or just let the blonde come back.

What do you think?



Annabelle/Marcelle Beauty Premiere

Last Thursday was pretty awesome, I got to check out the spring 2012 launch of the new Annabelle & Marcelle products.

Even though they’re an entry-level brand, I still like these products. They give great value for what you pay and they also don’t cost an arm and a leg! I also like that they’re Canadian.

It was definitely a fun night for me. Working from home now I am dying to get out of the house, and also to get dressed up. This event was a great opportunity for me to do both, and showcase one of the new crystal pieces from With Heart.

Wearing the Crystal Lariat necklace from

I met some other cool beauty & lifestyle bloggers and also got a chance to chat with Isabel from Groupe Marcelle who is SO CUTE in person!

Shout outs to Bee and Jordana!

Bee & I in the lipgloss line up

I think the coolest part of the night was the design your own lipgloss bar that Annabelle brought in.

Stocked with pigments, lab tech and assistant, everyone there was able to select their own pigments and have their very own custom shade of Big Show lipgloss (coming Spring 2012) created right in front of them!

You can see my 4 pigment selections on the slip & corresponding sample!
Lab tech adding my chosen pigments


Filling the tubes
Voila! My custom shade!


After creating my lipgloss, I browsed the new products (A BB Cream and cool new mascara were my faves!) sampled some nibbles and helped myself to the tray of freebies going around. What an awesome idea! They had a server going around with a tray filled with lipsticks, shadows, liners and more and we were all able to select what we wanted to take home with us. My friends are going to be thrilled!

Upon leaving we were also given a lovely gift bag filled with more samples. I am really enjoying the Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel and the Soothing Cleansing Water  (it removes my makeup, doesn’t need rinsing and doesn’t irritate my eyes!).

At the end of the night I had a pretty good haul:

Awww yeah!


The only thing I wish I could have gotten my hands on? The new BB Cream. It sounds awesome!

Thanks for a great night, Groupe Marcelle!

SoftPaws: For a Kitty-Cat Manicure

Would you do this for your cat?

Thanks to Janine’s post on the subject I was reminded of this odd-yet-intriguing product for your cat. I’ve seen SoftPaws floating around in various pet stores over the years and always wondered what kind of person would do that to their cats.

I thought it was just another trend, like dressing your little dog in tutus and painting her nails… but now that I’ve seen some photos of these it looks like they might be useful. (And super-cute!)

Luna is awesome, but she’s still having some issues with scratching things and biting a little bit. I’ve got her using her scratching post now, and we get manicures together* to keep things under control.

But she still loves going after my vintage dining chairs, clawing at both the fabric and the cane backs. I’ve already found some damage :( She also has a thing for the blankets on my bed.

…Maybe these cute little fake nails are the answer? I just wonder if she would be able to keep them on and how well they prevent damage to your stuff…

Has anyone tried these on their cat before??

*Our nails grow at roughly the same rate, so whenever I need to do my nails, she gets it too! I think by doing them together regularly Luna is much more receptive to the process and doesn’t put up a stink! She’s not as afraid of the clippers, either.

Free CoverFX Mint Glaze

Hello beauties,

Found this in my inbox and thought you might be interested! I love me some CoverFX products!