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Somebody *hearts* me :-D

I am touched and honoured to have received the “I *heart* Your Blog” Award from Mama Bear at I’ve Got A Little Space To Fill.

It’s always nice to be appreciated!

By receiving this award, I have to pass it on in turn to 7 other blogs that I love. This is going to be hard, since some of them have already received this award from other bloggers!

hmmm, decisions decisions!

Without duplicating (to the best of my knowledge) here are my choices:

Congratulations, folks! Keep the love going and pay it forward!

How do you process information?

I love being organized, and organizing. I think if I really tried, I could be a professional organizer.

I stumbled across this awesome blog: The Unclutterer.

Right now there’s a great post about learning about how you process information, and how you can apply that knowledge to organizing your life.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

I’ve already left a comment 😉

Do I deserve a raise?

The topic of raises at work has been circulating around the Blogosphere a lot recently, and it got me thinking.

I’m due for a “salary review” in July, and I have no idea what to do about it. At my last job I really had no idea what I was doing and I hated the job and therefore did not perform to optimum level, so I sort of took whatever they gave me at my one-year mark.

This time around I’ve been doing really well at my job, and I definitely want more money. But I just don’t know how to go about it. I hope that if I lay out all my information in here, you guys can offer me some advice.


  • I have been working at this new agency since November 2007 (8 months as of July)
  • I come with 2 years of previous industry experience, but not specific to my role right now
  • I’m holding a title that is sort of entry-level except for the fact that I am more valuable and senior due to my experience
  • I had an excellent 3 month review, in which 2 challenges were issued for me to complete before July
  • I have completed the one challenge, presenting on blogs, and had rave reviews
  • The ad industry is hard to judge in terms of salaries. Other assistants at the office are (I’m guessing) making less than or just at 30k. So am I already being “overpaid”?
  • All the other newbies got a raise at their 3-month reviews, but they also started at a lower pay than me
  • Both of my bosses are new on this account and to the agency, so they don’t know much about me or my work, other than what’s in my file


  • Am I due a salary increase since all the other newbies got one at 3 months? Have I been here long enough?
  • Is it likely I would still get another raise at my 1-year mark if I get this one?
  • Do you think my excellent reviews so far will help me get more $$?
  • How much more should I ask for? Percentage? Number?
  • What would I likely get?
  • Aside from compiling a list of all the amazing things I’ve done, how else should I approach asking for a raise?
  • Should I take the initiative and set up a meeting to discuss this if my boss doesn’t set one up in July? I don’t want to seem too eager

Any other tips or suggestions?

I’m sure there’s a ton of advice on this topic out on the web, and I will get around to reading it all. I would just like to know from real people what their thoughts are on this situation. What’s an average raise % for most people? How did you deal with asking for your raise?

I hope I get lots of replies to this, I need all the help I can get!


Submit Your Blog for Link Love

Hey folks,

Taking the cue from my presentation on the Blogosphere and Netiquitte, I think I’m going to start doing some Link Love posts in here.

Problem is, I don’t really know a lot of blogs! I’m looking to expand my reading and find some more blogs of interest.

If you’d like to be featured in my upcoming Link Love posts, or if you know a great blog that should be, Please drop me a line at gingercorsair @ with the name of your blog, direct link, description, and a category or topic you think you fit into.

Thanks guys, I think this will be a great resource for all of us!