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Investing in a Vespa?

Anyone who lives in the Greater Toronto Area is probably now aware that the TTC did a sneak attack and went on strike at 12am this morning, leaving people at bars and clubs in the city stranded.

It has caused our city to come to a grinding halt and inconvenienced thousands upon thousands of riders who depend on the TTC to get them around.

This includes me.

This weekend, I *gasp!* actually had some social plans (I know! It’s crazy! Hermit Ginger actually having social plans?! Unbelievable.), so of course they had to go on strike. Of course they did.

That means 3 friendly outings today alone were botched, and my shopping plans for Sunday, too. I’m not too thrilled, as you can imagine.

But I guess I shouldn’t really complain too much. After all, it is the weekend and all neccessities such as grocery stores, pharmacy and laundromat are all within walking distance to me. I’ll be fine on that front, but it’s just injustice of the situation… I was finally going to be social and work on not being so awkward and the TTC had to ruin it. Thank gods I wasn’t clubbing last night.

This ridiculous strike has forced me to reevaluate my transportation options. Currently there is no possible way I can afford to either a) move closer to my workplace, b) walk or ride my bike to work (too far), nor c) afford a car.

So what else can I do when the TTC is on strike or having one of its many mechanical failures?

Coincidentally, when I received my May Metropass in the mail yesterday (on the discount plan) there was a coupon offering a membership with AutoShare for only $75 (AutoShare is a service that loans out cars for hours or days to its members, similar to ZipCars). This might actually be doable, it’s cheaper than ZipCars and there is a parking lot right by my house so I could certainly use it. It would cost me about $9.50/hour to rent a car, plus an annual fee of $35. That’s reasonable.

However, I’m not sure how easy it would be to reserve a vehicle during a strike. Hmmm. It would certainly make groceries easier though.

My other option, which I am seriously considering is purchasing a scooter. The Vespa brand definitely has the cutest, but they’re also the most expensive, so I’ve looked up some other brands and they’re much more affordable.

My dad has given me his blessing to get one, and is going to check to see how much it would cost to insure a scooter. I would have to get my M license but as I understand it I would be able to ride my scooter right away as long as it’s during daylight hours in the city.

I’ve googled a couple of shops in the area and I plan to go in and ask questions about the different types and brands, associated costs and the pros and cons of owning a scooter. I hope that the sales staff will be able to help me find the right scooter for my needs. I would love one that fits 2 people and has the luggage box on the back.

So far what I have learned is that it is economical and also less impactful on the environment to ride a scooter. It would give me more freedom and flexibility in terms of personal transportation, and I could use one for at least 6 months out of the year.

If I buy a used scooter I can get them for less than $3000, and most will only cost $4-10 per tank of gas. If I get a new scooter the pricetag would be much higher, but I would stay under $4000.

So now the hunt begins. Wish me luck!

Click here for the AutoShare discount for TTC MDP members.


I hate PayPal and eBay now. It’s official.

They dick you around and steal your money, all without you having a clue to what’s going on.

Long story short is that I tried selling some of my clothing on eBay (since it’s nice stuff and too big [yay!] for me now). Most of it sold and the buyers sent payment.

PayBully/eRipoff won’t let me even accept those funds without upgrading my account and paying extra fees. I spent 1 hour and 9 minutes on the phone with their customer service tonight, trying to figure out why the fuck not.

Suffice to say I will never be selling through either of them anymore. I think I’d have better luck doing something like FB.

Now I’m cranky, tense and irritable on top of injured.

Did I mention a nice and buff paramedic landed a killer shin block on me last night? The bruise is the size of my palm and in the outline of his heel. Oh yes. Sparring definitely exacts a toll.

Stupid Spending!

Ack! I’m in hot water now!

So, you know this weekend how I bought all those lovely new things? Yeah umm… I guess I can’t really afford them at the moment. *sheepish*

I just looked at my MasterCard bill and it’s over $1000. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that high before, other than when I’m travelling or having eye surgery!

I feel like there is a rock in my stomach, I can’t believe I let all this spending get away from me. But I’ve thought about it and at least figured out why it looks so bad. And it’s not like I’m in the red or anything.

A couple weeks ago I posted about my stupid move, transferring $3-4k from my condo fund into my RRSP. I think this issue right now is some more fallout from that decision. Basically what has happened is that on top of my large purchases this weekend, my tickets to Evil Dead, my cell/internet bill and allllll my Jenny Craig bills have been charged to this month. And my little detour to the spa last weekend, too. Oops.

I should have been on top of that, but I’ve been negligent and now I have to pay the price by diverting some smart, interest-earning funds from my condo fund to chequing so I can pay this monster off. If I get dinged with interest on this sucker I’ll be in a bad way for a while, so I can’t let that happen.

As of March 29th, $1000 will be funneled into my credit card, and it will be paid off. Also in the good news front, I get paid on Thursday. That will help counter some of my stupidity.

I’m so ashamed that this has happened. I mean, I’m really good with my money for someone my age. But I guess it just goes to show that even if you’re good at it, being lax for even a short period of time can come back and bite you in the ass.

I hope all you lovely readers out there take a lesson from my misfortune.

Constant Vigilance!!!!!

A Beautiful Day!

Ahhh, today Toronto is blessed with some sunshine! It makes me happy! It seems we are indeed slowly inching our way to spring… however the wind is a bitch! It was quite fridgid as I was walking this afternoon.

Anyway, today was kind of odd. Last night M and I went out to an Edge 102.1 event at The Great Hall. Jameson Irish Whiskey was hosting the party with some live bands, and I sure do love a fine splash of Jameson, so I rustled up some tickets. I thought it would be a good way to bond with M since we have a lot to do for T’s wedding.

We had a good night dancing and listening to one of the bands, and we hung out with some of my friends from work. (And both of us had guys trying to pick us up throughout the night, which I got a kick out of–I was surprised that anyone was interested in me since I wasn’t really dressed up. However, I was wearing my super-cool Chairman Meow shirt. Hmmm….)

We got back to my place around 2:30am, so M spent the night. All was well in the land of Ginger. However, this morning I woke up to find no M! She had split before 9am to get back to her place in Newmarket, with no note or knock on my door. Strange! I was totally at a loss as to where she went, I swear to dog it looked like she hadn’t even been here last night… I called her frantically and left a message asking where she was. Later on I found an email from her saying she had a great time and just had a lot of things to do today.

Now, am I old-fashioned in thinking that was still pretty bizarre and rude? I mean, I went out and bought some milk just so she could have breakfast in the morning. Hrumph. I am still feeling a little bewildered.

She’s a nice girl, but that was just… odd.

What do you think?