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Hello, World!

Hey guys! It’s been a while!

I needed a bit of a break and ran out of things to talk about. But now I’m back on a part-time basis.

There’s a lot of catching up to do!

Me and Kid Koala in Toronto. Don't judge, it was the most recent photo I had!

I guess the biggest update is that I moved to a new apartment. An upgrade, to be exact. I went from a 2-bedroom in a residential area to a 4-bedroom in a trendier area of the city. I’m going full steam ahead with the B&B business and have 3 rooms to rent out now! The hope is that within a couple of years I’ll have enough banked to get another studio apartment somewhere in the city and rent that out as well. Long-term, I’m looking at becoming a property manager (in addition to running With Heart and working at It’s been a wild ride! I got possession of the apartment mid-February and moved in at the beginning of March.

I’m excited because I’m having my first party this weekend. You know how I love to throw parties! This is the housewarming party where I show off the new place to everyone. Two weeks later is the perennial favourite…

The Tea Party!!!


I’ve actually had to re-brand it as the Garden Party because too many people come to it now and I ran out of tea cups and place settings for a proper tea party. This should still be awesome though, with the standard tea + menu, formal attire and hats per usual. I’ll keep you guys updated on the plans for that since it’s one of my favourite topics.


In my personal life, things have been changing too. I have a cool, more important position at work, and just came back from a work trip in New York City. Things are going pretty well. My B&B (Hestia House) is doing very well, and With Heart is chugging along.


Since the holidays I’ve been dating quite a bit, but  no one to call my boyfriend yet. I do enjoy the dinners out, though! Navigating through these kinds of interactions has been quite the learning experience for me. I’m debating on whether to talk about them on here or not. My mother (and possibly my aunt) did the unthinkable and found/read my blog despite my asking them not to.  I keep my life private from them because they’re huge gossips and I don’t want my life to be their next topic at the Bunko table.

My friends are great and I love them so much. Nothing new to report on that!

Health & Wellness

As you can see from the photo, I’ve lost some weight! Since the surgery I am officially down 30lbs. I will soon be increasing that number! A good friend of mine is becoming a personal trainer and I am to be her first client! I think it’s great since she’ll come to my house twice a week to kick my ass. No more excuses, right?

I have also been taking some great yoga classes for plus size women. I could probably do regular yoga but I just like these ones better. Plus I do pretty well at all the poses because a lot are quite similar to my kung fu poses! I’m going to try out Zumba from the same lady next. It looks promising!

This is all I can think of to update on right now. Hopefully the need to write will strike me again soon. If there are any readers left who would like to have me write about something, let me know. I may indulge you!

It’s nice to be back <3

Tea Party Deux!

It’s baaaaaack!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I am hosting the Second annual spring tea party this weekend!

Some of you may recall my series of tea party posts from last year (if you don’t, go check them out!). It was such a hit that all year I kept being asked if I would hold another and if I would invite so-and-so…

As a result, this year’s party has doubled in size and I am very excited!

I’ve learned a little bit from last year, too. This time around I am asking for (and more importantly, accepting) help from my friends. Everyone is contributing something which takes a lot of stress off of me. I still have to decorate & bake and clean and cook, but it will be so much less. Maybe this year I’ll actually be dressed when the guests start arriving!

So, taking into consideration what I learned from last year, I am starting early with the preparations. Today I began work on the strawberry panna cotta I will be serving, and am pulling together all the odds & ends needed to set the table:

Freshly cleaned, time to make puree!
I love my immersion blender




Panna cotta base chilling, the puree will be gelled on top later!
Pulling together the odds & ends for the table

Once the panna cotta has set, I’ll use the strawberry puree and make a jelly to go on top. It’s incredible.

Once again this year I have challenged everyone to come dressed in their interpretation of “tea party”. I have a male guest this year too, so I’m really looking forward to seeing all the outfits!

Stay tuned for more details & photos, I promise I’ll actually post! I have a fancy new Canon Powershot S95 camera to play with!


That’s a Wrap!

OMG! Food Network’s  Dinner Party Wars called me back! They’re doing a 3rd season after all and the new casting gal found our application in the files and called! (That means 2 people there liked it!)

Me and my bff have our interview with them next Thursday. They’re going to see how well we cook and get along and too see whether we are too crazy (or not crazy enough!).

Wish us luck!!

Event Planning: Holiday Dinner Party

Let the planning begin!

I’m working on another event for me and my friends. This weekend I am hosting a formal holiday dinner party! How exciting!

Since my last attempt at a large-scale party didn’t work out too well (Halloween, no one could make it!) I’ve decided to scale back and focus on planning smaller, more intimate parties for my closer friends rather than everyone and their brother.

I seem to get better results when I throw the smaller but more deluxe events such as my tea party last spring.

What are “better results” you ask?

  • Close friends attending whom I can count on to actually show up
  • Everyone has a great time
  • I get to plan special things like food and décor to my heart’s content
  • (Sometimes) less mess and destruction compared to a house party!
  • A chance to really connect with each of my guests
  • Less pressure to be perfect
  • Even though I usually spend more money, I feel that there is more value in it since my close friends will appreciate it
  • Having an exclusive event. Everyone feels special!

Readers: Do you prefer smaller gatherings or larger ones when you get together? Why is that? Share in the comments!

You know, between hosting these shindigs and doing the bed & breakfast thing, I think I really like hosting! It can be a lot of work sometimes but for some reason I really enjoy getting all the details just so. Maybe I missed my calling?

I think I’ll keep doing the small, intimate parties and cycle through the groups of people. I think I’d like to do one with some folks I don’t know quite as well but would like to know better. There are a few girls at work that fall into that category. I’d also like to get some local bloggers together at some point… I just need to think of a theme! (omg I love themed parties)

The only downside to hosting parties is that 1. They are a lot of work. Cooking, cleaning, decorating & take-down, plus making sure you look presentable! 2. The costs can really add up. I like to do things on a budget, but the costs DO add up.

I have started asking people to bring a little something with them now, whether it be wine or a dish of food to share. This certainly helps but I wonder if there is any other way I can continue to throw nice get-togethers without blowing the bank? Hmmm. Perhaps it is just one of those things: “If you want to have a party, be prepared to pay for it!” This is what my sense of etiquette tells me.

What do you think?