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FUZE Give-away

Hi folks,

I just wanted to remind you that the FUZE give-away is still open! It’s easy to enter and it’s a pretty cool prize, too.

I am randomly drawing names to give away 3 FUZE prize packs. Each prize pack contains 3 cases of FUZE beverage (Refresh, Vitalize and Iced Tea flavours) and a FUZE t-shirt.

I did a review of the beverage here.

To enter, you just have to send me an email at gingercorsair (at) with the subject heading “in-FUZE me!” by Friday, January 23rd.

This give-away is open to all Canadian residents, so spread the word to your friends, family and fellow bloggers. Everybody likes free stuff, right?

I will randomly select 3 winners from all entries and contact you for shipping details. (Please note that emails and personal details will not be sold or used for anything. I’m cool like that.)

So, what are you waiting for?


Product Review & Give Away: FUZE Beverages

Ever heard of FUZE drink?

“FUZE is a delicious and smart line of all natural tea and juice drink beverages ‘infuzed’ with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants” that has just entered the Canadian market. Available for under $5, FUZE is pitched as a fun, stylish and tasty drink that is a favourite among celebrities (such as Ellen Page, Katie Holmes and Julia Roberts) at the moment and comes in a variety of flavours.

I was recently given the opportunity to test-drive some of their drinks, and I thought it was a great chance to try something new and see what all the hype was about. I’m health-conscious and love me a fruity drink, so it was a good idea, no? I’ve also been making an effort to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle this year (Is that part of your New Year’s resolution?) and these seemed like they may fit right in.

Here’s what I got:

I tried this one first when I had a hankering for something tropical, and it did not disappoint. REFRESH is a thick and smooth concoction of peach and mango, that apparently contains 100% of your daily values of essential vitamins and calcium. It was a huge bottle so I can easily see how they fit all those vitamins in there! I really wasn’t expecting the thickness of the drink, but I like to think that it was due to real peaches and mangoes (thick fruits) being mushed up for it. Make sure you refrigerate it though—I let it warm up a little bit by accident and the consistency and flavor felt a little weird.

…was the next one I tried. Again with the thickness. I’m not sure if I’d even label these things as juices! I think they have some additives to provide the additional smoothness and thickness that I experienced. This one was an interesting combination of blackberry and grape. Kind of like Welch’s grape juice, but thicker. This one promises a slew of electrolytes and antioxidants to help you re-VITALIZE after activity. Again, make sure this bad boy is ice cold before you drink it.

I liked this one the best out of the bunch, but whether it was because I am an iced tea fanatic or because it was finally a proper liquid I don’t know. I was surprised to notice a very strong honey flavor. Usually when drinks claim that they were sweetened with honey you can’t tell. With this one you definitely can. I found it the easiest to drink and enjoyed the fact that honey was used rather than some bizarre chemical-sugar ingredient, however the sweetness was a little cloying. This was also the drink that had the least amount of calories, about 180 per 547mL bottle.

Final Thoughts:
They were pretty big bottles, but I guess they have to be to justify the price. I like that vitamins and antioxidants, etc. were included in the drink—it made me feel like I was putting more into my body than just sugar-laden juice. I thought the packaging was pretty cool, too. You could almost make art out of those bottles!

While I probably wouldn’t buy them for myself (I generally prefer plain water) I think they’re a better alternative to sugary pop and would definitely drink them if they were free!

Which brings me to some great news for you, dear readers: I will be randomly drawing 3 lucky winners to receive their very own FUZE prize pack to help you start the new year in a healthy and tasty way!

Each prize pack includes a 12-bottle case of each flavour I reviewed (Refresh, Vitalize & Green Tea) plus a FUZE t-shirt.


  1. Send me an email at gingercorsair (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “in-FUZE me!” Subject line must be exact since I’m using Gmail filters
  2. You must be a Canadian resident (Sorry to all my international readers!)
  3. I will randomly draw 3 winners on Friday, January 23rd and contact them for shipping details
  4. Environics PR will directly ship out the prize packs

Good luck!