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Bloody + Hell

aha! It isn’t what you think! I’ll bet you thought I was speaking negatively about something… you’d be wrong!

I just got back from Evil Dead: The Musical and I’m covered in ooey gooey sticky blood and it’s fantastic!

I am not a big fan of musicals most of the time, but this really knocked my socks off! I would absolutely go and see it again, right now!

K and I got premuim Splatter Zone tickets and they were worth every penny ($67 for those of you interested in my spending!). We were smack dab in the centre of the stage, and literally LESS than a foot away! The actors actually came up and interacted with us since we were so close… too cool!

It was hilarious, one of the female demons/zombies came up and stuck her foot on my table and shook her boobs in my face, then smacked her ass in the zombie dance. ahahaha I felt like I was in a strip club, but it was way cool!

And of course during the second act they started hacking away and sprayed blood everywhere! I was totally covered. We had the option of using these plastic poncho things, but really; who buys Splatter Zone tickets and doesn’t want to get covered in blood?


All in all it was a fabulous production and I hope they bring it back again! It was campy and low-budget and laugh-out-loud funny, even for a cynic like me! I was very pleased. Although I do recommend you familiarize yourself with the first two Evil Dead movies before you go, as it is a blend of the two.

I really did get covered in blood. My hair is still streaked with it, and many of the women in the washroom commented that I actually looked like I could have been one of the actors since I managed to have blood seeping through my hair onto my ear and neck, all over my arms and artistically splattered across my face. I wish I had a photo! The blood is only coloured corn syrup, but it really shows up on my pale skin and hair!

…did I mention they even added a metallic scent to it so it smelled like real blood? It wasn’t though. I got some in my mouth and it was sweet.

I totally got some stares on the subway tonight. w00t!

Hi Ginger, and thanks

Hey guys, I found a nice little email in my inbox this morning!
Chris Winter, the big cheese over at We Conserve sent me a thank-you note for posting about the site here recently.

Apparently a good number of you checked the site out, I think that’s great because we need to support causes like this to help the planet.

Here’s a copy of the email:

Nice little post on your blog – and 32 people took the time to jump over to We Conserve.

Thanks, and do say hi if you make it out to one of the three events this week.


Chris Winter
Executive Director
The Conservation Council of Ontario

Thanks again to everyone who hopped on over there, I’m happy to know that my blog helped spread the word!

Keep your eyes peeled for blurbs about some of my other favourite causes…

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I don’t get paid to plug any of this stuff, I just do it because I want to! (however if someone wanted to pay me I would be ok with that too!)

Going Green: Part 3 – We Conserve and My Footprint

I was walking down the street yesterday and found my eyes resting on a delightfully green and blue poster advertising something really cool!

If you live in Toronto or the surrounding area, a movement called We Conserve is hosting a few free community workshops on how you can become more green through personal conservation and by patronizing companies that do their share, too. What a great idea! Unfortunately I didn’t find this poster until after a few workshops had already happened, but there are a few next week, too, so I may stop by!

Their website is pretty good, too. There are resources, tips, event listings and even an ecological footprint calculator to use. I would definitely recommend visiting this site if you are (or want to be more) eco-conscious.

If we don’t do something for our planet now, what will our children have? We need to start working towards a greener world today.

Let me know if you visit any of the workshops, or tell me what your opinion is on this movement?

FYI I tried using the Carbon footprint calculator – apparently I create 14.8 tonnes of CO2 every year. I used some of the average settings in places where I didn’t know how much I used (such as driving, electricity, heat, etc. since I don’t pay for any of those things).

What’s your footprint?