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My Ears Are Still Ringing

I went to the Jameson 360 party at the Great Hall on Saturday. It was essentially a pre-Paddy’s Day party that was being held in several locations around the world. It was cool since they were showing you live broadcasts of all the other parties going on while you were at yours. It was a free event but you had to get tickets, which I got through work connections.

The bands were really good this year, too. It was The Dunes followed by Never Ending White Lights and they did really well I thought. Better than last year’s anyway. There was supposed to be free Jameson & Ginger handed out at this event however I never saw any. I had to buy drink tickets instead. The only redeeming factor is that a Jameson drink only cost $5 and I didn’t have to tip! My night cost me under $20!

The only sad part about the night was that I couldn’t hear a single thing when the bands were playing. My ears were ringing so much that all day yesterday and even today I can still hear/feel it. This is especially sad because two guys actually came up and started talking to me and my friend! I think they might have been interested! I talked for a few seconds with them in the lull between songs; long enough for guy #1 to introduce me to guy #2 who was kinda cute. Unfortunately guy #2 kept trying to talk to me about something (which was good!) but I couldn’t hear ANYTHING!

I tried to tell him that I couldn’t hear him, tapping my ear and looking apologetic and all that, and then he just sort of left! And never came back!

I don’t get it. I mean, I couldn’t hear him, but if we wanted to talk couldn’t he wait until the song was over?

Did I do something wrong in this situation? Should I have pretended I could hear him? I mean, what do you do when you’re at a loud concert and can’t hear the other person? It’s kind of embarrassing. I really would have liked to have chatted with this guy, I mean how often do I ever get guys talking to me? The one time they do I can’t hear them and I guess it turns them off!

I just don’t get it.

Ladies, should I have done something different? Guys, would you walk away from a girl if she couldn’t hear you during a loud concert?

JUSTICE † Disappointment

I got tickets to see JUSTICE tonight at CiRCA. Justice is awesome, my friend saw them in Tokyo and he said they’re incredible live. I’m so pumped to go.

I just got emailed the setlist, and I’m totally floored. They’re not on until 12AM tonight! I can’t believe it! Stupid DJ fancy-pants clubs!

Seriously, who schedules a concert on a Wednesday night at 12am, when most of the world has to work the next morning? I am so bummed.

I can’t not go now, so my only option is to go, try and enjoy myself and leave shortly after they come on stage. Tomorrow is already a looooong day for me and I don’t want to be running on 3 hours of sleep to get through it.

Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me I’ve got too much planned this week :( But why aren’t I allowed to have any fun? :(